Pluralistic Puppeteers and Their Puppets

By JohnyMac

I am slowly realizing that ‎Antifa, John Brown Gun Club, MSM (MainStream Media), Democrat Presidential candidates, leftists in our Congresses – Both Federal and at state level; are the useful idiots of Classic Pluralism. I identify today’s Pluralists as; Google, FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, etc… In other words, all Social Media.

A Classic Pluralist in part believes that the proletariat and bourgeoisie masses have no right in choosing their leaders unless they choose who “they” approve. This thought has really come to the forefront once Donald Trump won the 2016 election. The Pluralists where caught flat footed as this was never supposed to happen. As recently as June of this year Jen Gennai of Google was caught on tape by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas explaining how Google will not allow Donald Trump to become President in 2020; Consequently, they will tweak their algorithms ‎to make sure Trump is not reelected.

In part, Social Media Classic Pluralists will diminish your voice if you happen to promote Trump or Constitutional values when using social media, while elevating the voice of the citizens who promote their values and rhetoric.

An interesting story over at SPINQUARK titled Welcome to Social Government explains the how and why they will do this. As a side-note: I first read this article on my BlackBerry using Bing as my search engine. The article kept closing within one-minute after bringing it up. I did this over and over till I was able to read the whole piece… Coincidence?

The reason I bring this subject up along with some recent articles is for us all to understand that the useful idiots that we may fight in the streets, or debate while visiting social media sites, are being manipulated by companies that have economic pluralism designs.

Far-fetched? We only have to think back to George Orwell’s premise used in his book, 1984. Are we so far removed from the terms and concepts of fiction – Big Brother, Doublethink, Thoughtcrime, Newspeak, Memory Hole, 2 + 2 = 5, et cetera – To now become reality?

Understand who the puppeteers are and who are their puppets. Plan accordingly.

Freedom Through Self-Reliance©