Somebody’s gotta do it.

That’s the attitude of Tim “Nailer” Foley and Arizona Border Recon, who’ve been on the front lines of the border crisis volunteering time and personal funds to what is a very real crisis. See for yourself:

We had a long discussion ranging from the Cartel’s countertracking techniques to communications to signals intelligence.  The cartels are running a sophisticated operation down there and have pushed into the mountains for the natural terrain masking, with Borer Patrol remaining limited to the valleys. Plain spoken and humble, Tim is doing the best he can with what he’s got, but like everything, stuff breaks and equipment wears out. Having been in direct contact with him, American Partisan is committed to aiding the mission of Arizona Border Recon however possible. Right now, that includes the following equipment:

While that’s the equipment request, donations are always welcome.

And, God willing, staff from American Partisan will be on the border this Fall.