Its doubtful in my estimation that they’ll be a solitary event that people look to as “the one” that brings it all down. More like a slow burn, we’re sliding into an unrecognizable state. But for most the underlying “event” in question is a monumental societal shift which threatens their existence: socially defined. For conservatives that might be a foreign invasion or no-knock warrants to seize guns. For liberals, it was the election of Donald Trump. And they’re doing something about it.

All of it is predicated on this idea of the absence of rule of law. Define that. You’re living without rule of law. And so are they. For the Left the Russia narrative was absolute truth despite the facts pointing to the contrary. For the Right its the fact that a criminal enterprise which infested the bureaucracy of the US government continues to exist. But for both parties, the rule of law is universally recognized to have failed. And that’s a dangerous predicament drawing parallels to to 1856. The question for both parties remains what is the source of law; for one side law is rooted in Aquinas’ faith in divine judgement and law then is a reflection of morality, the other, HLA Hart’s Rule of Recognition presupposing that laws are merely reflective of social definitions. For this reason the Left is fully justified in lying, overt cheating, and the continuous justification of ending life before they define it as life. Thus there is a rapidly approaching reality that the two cannot be reconciled.

Whether this is factual or not, it indicates your adversary already controls the terrain. What do you expect to gain?

To the Left, life is inherently cheap. Mass murder is the hallmark of every communist movement even before it comes to power. In the US, they have successfully infested the echelons of lower government and the education system creating a complete grasp on both policy decisions and the ability to formulate a future argument to the contrary. The Left teaches and conditions binary thought while continuously defining, or changing, the argument to suit their aim. With complete institutional control, following the playbook of Gramsci, they have created the necessary mass base. But in no case have any of these people ruled out mass murder. In meetings of the inner communist groups, its been openly discussed even though they previously vehemently denied it. No longer. Once the communist believes it has a necessary base to support it, it removes the mask. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee just purged itself of all white male staffers, telegraphing their intended target. Peace, after all, is the absence of dissent.

The SLA.

In a discussion earlier I was asked why many are of the mindset that there is indeed social turbulence but it will play out like the 1970s- a few isolated groups, little real influence, some bombings, headlines and they’ll eventually go away. Those times do not parallel these. Not even close. What the communist insurgency of that era failed to comprehend was the lack of mass base. They overestimated the willingness of the anti-war movement. Those groups, such as the Weather Underground and the SLA, practiced what’s known as Foco warfare, which relies on small groups as acting as a vanguard who’s success leads to general revolt. Minus a willing large scale support structure, it is doomed to failure. The institutions of government, while still infiltrated by communists albeit in a less impactful role, were willing to do what was necessary to put them down. They failed as a mass movement, but the retreat into the institutions created future generations from which they could erode the nation from the local levels. Which they’ve successfully done.

The communists took a number of paths leading to one conclusion- obtaining control and subversion of the institutions. Courts not in your favor? Install your judges. Police bringing too much heat? Control the city council, install your own police chief. In two generations’ time the Marxist influence has come to a logical end. Fueled by a perfect storm of education debt and a mood of despair, the allure of the young mind insulated from the destructive history of Marxism leads them to the belief that now is their time. But through fomenting that worldview they have created the social conditions of revolution. The rule of law is dead. And the corruption of the institutions has come to its fruition. It should come as no surprise then that they accept no election, accept no judicial decision, or accept no rule but their own. Thus the role of violent organization is justified.

Antifa, the John Brown Gun Club, Redneck Revolt and their mutual offspring should not be taken as a light threat. They have exhibited a level of organization that poses a very real threat to the future of this nation. They have their mass base. In that same aforementioned conversation I pointed out that what we see in places like Portland, Seattle and other urban areas is what Che Guevara called ‘warfare in favorable areas’. In other words, the communists already control it. Their ‘SHTF’ has happened, and they’re acting. For them, the time is now, there is no debate and they want you dead.

The next step for them, which is a dangerous one, is moving to warfare in unfavorable areas. Rural areas. They do not have the infrastructure that they enjoy in the urban areas and have a harder time gaining traction- rural culture is far and away too traditional and unaccepting. They’re trying it with collective farms but this won’t gain traction wholesale. But the danger lay with not knowing when to act; too soon, it fails, too late, it fails, and once the rural areas get truly awakened to a local insurgency, it will be taken care of most haste. But how will you know when to act? Local networking. Knowing your neighbors and paying attention to local happenings. The stuff that doesn’t make the news. The threats won’t just appear out of nowhere but at least the terrain favors you.

One thing is for certain- they are acting and they want you dead. They are doing. Its time to wake up. So, are there any questions?

As my friend and colleague Jesse James puts it, the future belongs to those who show up.