A good friend of mine recommended that I read Kurt Schlichter’s Indian Country about a month ago. Last week I found myself in between books to read and wanted something fun so I bought the book. Bottom line first: On a 1-5 scale with “5” being exceptional, I would rate the book a “3.5”. For you readers who may have rated it very good or exceptional no offense should be taken. Just different strokes for different folks.

In essence Schlichter’s fictional novel is a modern-day High Noon, Magnificent Seven, or Seven Samurai using modern day tools of the trade and current politics.

The story line is that The United States splits in half where one half are made up of Red States (Conservative) and the other half is Blue States (Progressive). I could see this happening after a civil war maybe – But not by a popular vote, as apparently happens in the novel.

With that written, once I got past the story line, I enjoyed the book.

I loved Schlichter humor and delivery through the hero of the book, Kelly Turnbell.

Turnbell’s personality was a mixture of Pike from Robert Crais, or Hawk & Spencer from Robert Parker’s novels. A witty, sarcastic, and pure testosterone character for sure.

Schlichter does a very good job of detailing how an insurgency program is run. It acts as a good baseline for understanding guerrilla tactics. As I read the novel; Admiral Yamamoto’s superposed statement, you cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass came to mind. This quote has not been substantiated however I pray it is a true.

If you can borrow the book, borrow it…If your library has it, sign it out…If you find it at a used book store, buy it…However, there are better books out there of the same genera that are worth the full price of $15-. Matt Bracken’s Domestic Enemy’s: Reconquista comes immediately to mind.

As the summer winds down, I have some extra time on my hands to start Schlichter’s Peoples Republic which apparently goes hand and hand with Indian Country. Schlichter hooked me using Kelly Turnbell as bait.


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