“I condemn! I condemn! I once more shall contemn thee, my followers, my base!” 

Once more, a President who was elected by an angry base has turned his back. Once more, that base who peacefully asked for a return to sanity, a return to the rule of law, a return to a nation they recognize, has been shunned. It should be the last time.

Trump the man is untrustworthy and an opportunist. But also an outsider to the status quo. He was elected only for the fact that he’s wasn’t a corrupt piece of trash like his opponent. And maybe he’s not, who knows. At this point, what difference does it make? 

In the wake of another manufactured crisis, and yes, these “mass shootings” are indeed such as media creations, we get subjected once more to the appeals to emotion and the threat of “red flag laws”. I’m not certain Trump actually understands his base. That very wave that got him elected has and will walk away from him hinged on one issue alone- guns.

We asked to drain the swamp. Swamp didn’t get drained.

We chanted to LOCK HER UP. The murderous bitch walks free and a rotten to the core Department of Justice continues to function, despite having an shred of credibility ripped away.

We said build a wall. Wall is not built.

We chanted SEND THEM BACK for the people who’ve come here, found success and then spit on this nation and its generous people. You renounced us once more and validated every claim the Left made about their opposition.

And we said no more gun laws. You said, “red flag.”

So here’s the deal. Trump and every other Republican who’re just gushing over this last dumpster fire can guarantee a one way ticket home. The NRA can watch its supporting vines rot and wither away. And they should. We’re done with you. Your base is done with you. You have turned your back for the last time and the patience of a people is finite. The Left hates all of you, all of us, and is actively organizing to murder us. But it will be you first. So all this pandering to them won’t save you, and neither will we.

And when any one of the literal communists gets elected in 2020, maybe the base will wake from their slumber. Maybe. But then, they’ll probably have a few public gatherings, maybe even occupy a public space or two. If the past is a guide however, you’ll do absolutely nothing and the efforts of a few are little more than a waste of time.

Sharpen your hatchets gentlemen. You had a short breather, hope you used it well.