For American Partisan readers who have the ability to monitor short wave radio frequency’s, there is an active Emergency Hurricane Net in process along the Southeast coast of the United States. The frequency’s that are being used are; 14.325 Mhz (USB) and 7.268 Mhz (LSB).

Unless you are actively accepting or passing traffic along, these frequency’s are only for RXing (Listening). 

If you are not a licensed amateur radio operator you still can listen to the exchanges. Many preppers out there who are not licensed monitor nets all the time on their short wave radios like the CCRANE or amateur radio transceivers. They typically erect a G5RV type antenna in their back yards hung between two trees that are about 100-feet apart and 30 to 40-feet high. If space is not available use an inverted ‘V’ configuration.

Inverted ‘V’ Diagram

If you have a shortwave type radio as described above and the radio has a SSB (Single Side Band) capabilities. Turn the dial to 14325 Khz or 7268 Khz to monitor the Dorian drama.

As I type this short news brief, people in the Bahamas are calling in storm reports.

73 & God Bless….

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