The gun control laws in Australia are sad and the resultant spike in crime is well noted. Thank God for Polymer 80, am I right? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. This pistol was seized by police in Queensland and is a pretty close copy of a Glock 19. From the Queensland Police News:

Yesterday, officers from the Gold Coast Major and Organised Crime Squad executed a search warrant at a Hope Island address, locating and seizing a handgun, knuckledusters and a small quantity of a restricted drug namely Melanotan.

Police arrested a 29-year-old male for unlawfully possessing weapons, possessing a restricted drug and contravening an order about information necessary to access information stored electronically.

The offender will appear in Southport Magistrate Court today.

“This seizure highlights the ongoing investigations our officers continually undertake to make the local community a safer place,” Detective Inspector Craig McGrath said.

Criminals are going to get their guns regardless of laws. Never give up yours, and better yet, have the means to produce your own.

H/T to The Tactical Hermit.

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