As the reported in the Marine Corps Times, there’s no replacement for the fundamentals of movement at the individual level. Effective camoflage, concealment, and surprise are the real tools of the battlefield. One of the USMC’s top Scout Snipers successfully performed their 600m stalking lane completely naked aside from paint and a pair of boots.

The sniper is said to have used screens, natural features on the stalking lane that shield the sniper from view, to avoid the watchful eyes of his training enemy.

He was also very careful and deliberate with his movements.

“That’s the art of invisibility,” an instructor told Insider. “It’s all about movement. Some animals are phenomenal at it.”

If your small team training is not including elements of camoflage, concealment and using your terrain features to your advantage, you’re wrong. Shooting is either the precision application of violence or a failure of tactics. Anything else is just noise.

The bottom line is that its about fundamentals, not gear. That begins with effective training.

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