Despite the near complete media blackout, there’s a real SHTF situation brewing in Ecuador and its getting worse. One of our American Partisan readers is on the ground and providing first hand accounts of what’s going on. I’ve been helping him get their local Red Cross communications up to speed, suffering from severe neglect amid more convenient and simple methods such as satellites and cell phones- both of which relying on local infrastructure. And now, here they are, facing a grid-down situation and not being ready.

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Here’s his account:


OK…. Lets see…. Yesterdya was tense a lot of indigs wandering town in groups  armed with 4-6′ hardwood staffs. Most friendly, none avertly hostille…I speak to these people, look at them engage them to find out where they are  first. Had no problems. Was with my ex girl friend and a young indig girl  I have known  for a few months, we went to the indig girl’s community on foot about 10 KM from where I live. On this local road there were numerous  road blocks that had been abandoned.. What I didnt anticipate was being out after dark and more over nothing but pepper spray, I didnt take the machete. Luckily wasnt needed but I wont make that mistake again. Can not stress  enough the need for being proficiently armed.  Only civilians that are armed here are the bad guys. there are I imagine more arms than one realizes in the indig  community simply because when Correa made arms illegal they ignored him. most everyone else compled, the colones (colonial descendants of the original Spanish that were here, the mixed race and lighter skinned that live in the towns).  Lots of indigs with machetes as well as the staffs.
You saw from the photos yesterday the state of the supply chain. Today nothign has changed most of the roads in Quito are closed. Guayaquil is partly open I imagine. I think the Mariscal Sucre airport in Quito is open,  whether all flights are back to normal I dont know  but I hear the air traffic overhead. Here as far north as we are its at altitude and its hard to know whether its military or civ. I do know from the local new sources that all of the major bus stations in Quito are closed, that most taxis are idle and that many highways are closed by manned roadblocks.
This from Teleamazonas
At least 10 waterways remain closed due to demonstrations

At least 10 waterways remain closed due to demonstrations


At least ten roads along the coast of the country remain closed because of the demonstrations.

The defense minister, Oswaldo Jarrín, said he will try to prevent them from accessing Quito and warned the protesters, in the face of threats against areas of strategic sectors

The indigenous community national council  has declared a state of emergency in all of their communities saying any soldiers or police that enter will be arrested and tried according to indig law…now this
Ecuavisa 8:09 AM

53 military detained in Chimborazo and Imbabura

Government authorities negotiate to achieve their release.

The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) in a statement said it declared a state of emergency in its territory and will stop police and military from entering and warning to apply indigenous justice.
The demonstrations, also starring students, workers and opponents, do not cease despite the state of exception, which empowers Moreno measures such as restricting rights such as free mobility and impose prior censorship for the press.
After a two-day strike by the transporters, which concluded on Friday, the Executive ordered increases of 30% for interprovincial tickets and suggested increases of up to 10 cents for urban transportation, under the control of municipalities. In Quito the ticket costs 25 cents.
Before 2007, the dollarized nation suffered almost a decade of its greatest political instability and social protests resulted in the overthrow of three presidents, two of whom attempted economic adjustments.
Again Ecuavisa

More looting and blocking of roads on the fifth day of protests in Ecuador

7 October, 2019, 12:31 pm
Roadblocks, clashes between protesters and the police , mainly the Pan-American Highway, and looting were recorded on Monday morning, October 7, in the north-central part of the country. In cities like Quito there are obstructions in some avenues; while, in Guayaquil, taxi drivers also hindered streets in the center of the city for several hours. This situation remains in rejection of rising fuel prices.
Last Thursday, carriers declared an activity strike. Subsequently groups of students joined and finally the natives, who were invited on Sunday by President Lenin Moreno to the dialogue . The president warned that he will not reverse the decreed measures, which seek to solve serious deficiencies in the fiscal box, which allocated 1.3 billion dollars to subsidize fuels.
Government Minister María Paula Romo confirmed 477 detainees for impeding traffic, suspending public services and assaulting the police.
However, the tension environment does not cease. About 180 protesters on Monday forced the security of the warehouses of a dairy company in the town of Lasso, about 60 kilometers south of the capital, and stole products after assaulting employees. Losses have not yet been quantified.
The government said about it in a statement: “We reject aggression and looting, and any act that puts human lives and public and private assets at risk. In addition, he expressed concern about the lack of control in the political expression of social organizations ”and held the leadership responsible for“ these acts of vandalism and crime ”.
The obstacles in the roads, mainly felled trees, burnt tires and mounds of land, are recorded in four provinces: Chimborazo and Tungurahua, to the Andean center, and Pichincha and Imbabura, to the north. He has also noticed clashes with stones with the police and harassment of the press.
Also, 10 floriculturalists located in the north of the Latacunga canton were targeted for looting. Even a group of people punctured the tires of 4 vehicles that transported broccoli.
The situation caused the classes to be suspended in the Andean region, but in the rest of the country the activity is normal.
The indigenous people of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (CONAIE), the largest of its kind, affirmed that the protests will take place indefinitely: “until now we are mobilized in each of our territories but, very soon, all peoples will be mobilized at the national level towards the main point that is to reach Quito, ”said Jaime Vargas, president of the (COANIE).
The natives demand the repeal of the decree that allows the substantial rise in the price of fuels that went from $ 1.85 a gallon extra, the most consumed, to $ 2.39, while diesel went from 1.03 a gallon, to $ 2.30.
To deal with the situation, the government decreed a state of exception, which is valid for 60 days throughout the national territory, which restricts citizens’ rights and empowers the State to requisitions if necessary.
In addition, it authorized the increase in the price of the urban ticket between 5 and 10 cents, which did not prevent the buses from leaving again without service to thousands of citizens who were forced to walk or use precarious forms of transport.

Moreno, who assumed the presidency in May 2017 and must govern until 2021, also announced a tax reform package that creates new contributions for large companies and eliminates or reduces other taxes, in addition to labor reforms such as employment contracts for those who start a business or term contracts to stimulate the economy.

So thats it now….. Moreno and Coanie  are supposed to be  meeting as I write this but so far nothing out of Quito . Fascinating to see tha gummint allows their soldiers to be captured. Wonder  if when the current meeting falls apart (and I think its highly likely that it will)  that government attitude will change….Locally everything is closed. I have not been to centro today but talked to  the woman who owns the apartment I rent who is also indig and a shop owner. No more milk, eggs, cheese or bread. When the shops that dare to, open,  the police generally tell them to close.  She hasnt been able to resupply, everyone else here is in the same condition.  This morning I was surprised that there was garbage pickup. We lost internet last night for about half an hour, the fiber went down, could have been someone fooling around with things or off peak maintenance .  Power, water and cell continue  without interruption so far. Everything here in the house is OK for a week or 10 days, after that I am going to start thinking about rucking out of here.
More to come. God Bless,& 73
Happening now-
15:27 Cotacachi
Dont know what it was exactly other than it was some sort of ground attack aircraft that come over, 2 passes  at I am going to guess 500’AGL. Heard  the first pass then  I was outside for the 2nd and only saw him going away,. Could have been a Siai Marchetti SF260 (I think Ecuador has some of the D models) or it might have been a Toucano although it didnt sound  like a turbine —and I am not sure Ecuador has any. He was low, fast and gone. First time I have seen any military aircraft here. Had to guess he was tha gummit reconning where the roadblocks are on the main highways.  Maybe some sort of camera pod on a hard point. Maybe today’s meeting failed and the hammer is gong to fall, no?
More to come.
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