This is the continuing coverage of the unfolding SHTF situation in Ecuador being reported by an American Partisan reader and expat living in the nation. Previously I had been helping him remotely to build up the local Red Cross chapter off-grid communications, which was left in shambles from neglect and no serious attitude towards them amid more convenient methods. And now here they are, with periodic outages just in the beginning phases of what looks like a long term bad situation playing out.

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Expat ‘Fred’ has collected a series of news articles covering the incidents in real time. At this time it appears the real players have unfolded- Maduro (and Russia, and China) are seeking to destabilize the entire region, piece by piece. Still wondering where those 50K AK-103s being built per year in Caracas are headed? And where will they go after that? I’ll give you a hint- I suspect they’ll be coming north. 

Here’s what he sends:

Presidential address 2100 hrs via Teleamazonas. Basically the fuel price increase is a done deal forget about it changing. The uprising in the country is partly or wholly (according to Moreno) due to a collaboration between ex president Correa and Venezuelan president Maduro to de stabilize the elected Ecuadorian government. Also said the government was not going to tolerate the continued highway closings, disruption of public services and life in Ecuador. He did not specify what ” not tolerating” might mean.

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I am seeing this in various places–

State of exception in Ecuador: Lenín Moreno moves the government headquarters from Quito to Guayaquil amid growing protests.

This is from Telvision Nacional de Chile

The president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, announced Monday that he moved the government headquarters from Quito to Guayaquil, amid protests against his decision to eliminate fuel subsidies.

BBC World

The president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, announced Monday that he moved the government headquarters from Quito to Guayaquil, amid growing protests in the Ecuadorian capital against his decision to eliminate fuel subsidies.

“I have moved the headquarters of the Government to this beloved city [Guayaquil], according to the constitutional powers that concern me,” Moreno said in a television message, in which he appeared accompanied by military command.

State of emergency in Ecuador: why the conflict continues despite the lifting of the national transport strike
Ecuador: indigenous communities declare their own “state of exception” in protest against the government

The announcement coincides with the arrival of thousands of members of indigenous communities in Quito to demonstrate against the president’s decision on fuels.

Last Thursday, Moreno declared the state of emergency throughout the country in response to the protests that had begun since Tuesday.

Despite the protests, Moreno defended his measure, although he called the dialogue “sincere” to social groups.

The president made this decision along with other tax and labor laws to reduce the fiscal deficit facing his government.

“I will not back down because the right thing is not nuanced … The elimination of the fuel subsidy is a historic decision ,” he said.

with a credit to BBC Mundo.
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Interestingly enough there hasnt been jack from the US Department of State on the Travel Advisories page as of 22:30 10/7, no advisories, no mention of anything going on in Ecuador……

Lets see. In Ecuador, the seat of government has been moved because of the protests, all major and many minor highways are cut off by roadblocks, a state of emergency has been declared nationwide, the military is airlifting food to cities because of the highway blockage, , schools and universities have been closed nationwide, police, fire and ambulance services cant answer calls in most locales, there is no public transportation or social services, medical services are severely restricted or non existent, most businesses and from my information all banks are closed, you cant buy gasoline, cooking gas or food…there are depending on estimates, maybe as many as 8 million people hostile to the elected government and its policies are mobilized and on the move to either Quito or Guayaquil with the intent of forcing the issue on the fuel price increase…….but no reason for a travel advisory?? Sure. Just sure as hell sounds like another normal day no? At least Spain hasnt been caught too badly with their finger in it……..At least they are telling people to stay inside, stay off the roads yadayadayada. Nada from US Department of State not that it makes a bit of difference.

From El Periodico Internacional 22:36

The newspaper
Quito – Tuesday, 10/08/2019 – 03:22

Efectivos militares y dela policía resguardan las calles de Quito, Ecuador.

Military and police officers guard the streets of Quito, Ecuador. / AFP

The Consulate General of Spain in Quito , recommended that the Spanish community residing in Ecuador, refrain from visiting the historical case of the capital, as well as any displacement in provinces where riots have been recorded.

In a message to the Spanish collective in the demarcation of Quito, the Consulate advises them to travel to the provinces of Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Tungurahua, Pichincha, in the north, and Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas and Imbabura.
The Spanish Consulate
Extreme security measures

“To the people who are in these provinces any internal displacement is advised against, either on foot or by road”, reads the informative note. He also calls on the Spaniards to ” refrain from passing through the historic center of Quito and avoid traveling near places where demonstrations are recorded.”

The Spanish Consulate advises its nationals to follow the situation of the roads in the country through information provided by official means and to take the greatest precaution. And in case some Spanish considers traveling from the Mariscal Sucre international airport in Quito, also check the official website of the same.
Wave of protests

Remember that on October 3, following the national carrier strike , the president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, declared the state of emergency throughout the country, which is still in force.

In parallel, he adds that indigenous communities are in transit to the capital and several provincial capitals, where more demonstrations are expected in the coming days. “This situation has resulted in the closure or blocking of roads in several provinces where demonstrations are registered, some of which have registered violence.”

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