This is the continuing coverage of the unfolding SHTF situation in Ecuador being reported by an American Partisan reader and expat living in the nation. It is going from bad to much worse, with reports of violence among the large scale demonstrations. It won’t be long now.

Previously I had been helping him remotely to build up the local Red Cross chapter off-grid communications, which was left in shambles from neglect and no serious attitude towards them amid more convenient methods. And now here they are, with periodic outages just in the beginning phases of what looks like a long term bad situation playing out.

What about you? Got training?

Expat ‘Fred’ has collected a series of news articles covering the incidents in real time. At this time it appears the real players have unfolded- Maduro (and Russia, and China) are seeking to destabilize the entire region, piece by piece. Still wondering where those 50K AK-103s being built per year in Caracas are headed? And where will they go after that? I’ll give you a hint- I suspect they’ll be coming north. 

Here’s what he sends:

8AM 9 October, day of independence of Guayaquil and the day that Conae has called a nationwide strike. Street information here says after the indigs having taken the national assembly building  yesterday, today  they want  the presidential palace. This morning photos of the police running the protesters out…….  Have not seen  much in the way of the curtain going up  elsewhere  so far. My police contacts here say they are worried.
One video of military and protesters this morning on youtube with the following caption “Military Group join the Protests against Lenin Moreno and his Neoliberal measures.
Meanwhile, several media in the UNIVISION category claim that the military “was held” by violent protesters!.”..NO provenance on where or when this video was taken……
Yesterday in Quito saw  counter protests- primarily protesting the violence in the ongoing demonstrations.
As of yesterday- from here in Cotacachi, from Ibarra, from Otovalo and from smaller surrounding indigenous communities, reliable sources say that some  5000 more  protesters left this area by truck for Quito, 2 1/2 hours away by road, supporting  ongoing in Quito plus the Conae call for  a national strike today. Same source estimates that out of the 16 million  total population of Ecuador that  some 8-10 million are anti Moreno.
From internet sources, 2 deaths in the last 24 hours from injuries suffered in the Quito protests. No accurate info on the total number so far.
Ecuadorian VP  Otto Sonnenholzer  is saying there is a strong Venezuelan presence as part of the violent protests in Quito and elsewhere. n In an interview earlier this morning he claimed that  “that of the 717 detainees, there is PARTICIPATION of VENEZUELAN TENS that are DETAINED by the protests, it is known that they are SENT FROM MADURO and CORREA”….his words.  This is believed by many here to be total BS.
Numerous voices from various places  this morning—the protesters are NOT willing to enter into dialogue with the Moreno government.
Going to be a long day.
More to follow

Happening now
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