I was sitting down at breakfast this past Thursday with a fellow ham. He is a veteran of the Vietnam War, Airborne, officer, RTO, and a Special Forces alumnus. Post his career with the Army he worked as a bodyguard/contractor in several venues around the globe. His resume goes on and on and I will not bore you to death with more of it. Last and what is most important is he is a ham operator of the highest degree and he also reads American Partisan daily. Obvious a man of good taste.

While sitting at the table of one of the best breakfast establishments in the area swapping stories of his time in Caracas Columbia and me my visit to the mean streets of Columbia SC and Palmetto State Armory he said, “I would like you to post a challenge to the readers of American Partisan.” Here is his challenge.

A catastrophe has happened in your AO so devastating the only thing that survived was some other humans and one of your transceivers. No shelter, no electricity, no food…You get the idea. Since communication is vital for survival after you take care of water, food, and shelter; describe how will you get that one transceiver ready to send (TX) and receive (RX) communications.

He went on to remind me that nothing has survived total decimation. No electricity to run a radio, soldering iron or do a search on your computer, no antennas, no PL-239 connectors, et cetera. You get the picture.

Using the comments field, how would you go about getting that transceiver up and RXing and TXing?

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