Are we edging closer to a second American Civil War? Interesting topic to talk about, and one that’s weighed heavily on a lot of minds. People point to a large number of causes all rooted in political division, much of it a question about which direction America is headed. And for some, myself included, that answer is beyond a political solution. There is no Democrat or Republican. 7 out of 10 Americans seem to think we’re on the path to war, at least according to a poll done by Georgetown University and reported by the Washington Examiner.

“There is relative consensus that divisions in this country are getting worse,”

I’d very much agree with that statement. When the facade of equal protections under the law and the objectivity of elections have been removed, there’s not too many options left on the table for the guy just wanting a return to normalcy. The problem is, there is no normalcy. At every juncture the oligarchy some label the Left has managed to force division. Nowhere can a person be absent such a seemingly tense atmosphere. And when that happens, a number of severe social consequences are always due to occur.

But Goeas, not a fan of the president, said he believes that Trump didn’t start the rudeness in today’s politics. “He is a symptom of where we are, not ‘the’ disease,” he said, adding, “One of the things that I have focused on as we have gone into this death spiral of incivility in the country, that we had to be at a certain point for Trump to become acceptable.”

If politics are like a pendulum, and one that swung left under eight years of Obama, then we could assume that the past four years have swung right- or better labeled- reactionary. That is, if all things were equal. They’re not.

As the picture correctly points out, Cofer Black is Mitt Romney’s national security advisor. A man no doubt very well intertwined in the blackwaters of DC policy-making. The advisor to the same Mitt Romney who played the role well back in 2012. The same marionette who’s leading the never-Trump movement. And if you’re thinking that political lines exist in among that work, you’re sadly mistaken. These are people who made the color revolutions and who engineered social media to fit their aims of chaos during the Arab Spring. Politics is just the theater to achieve your goals. Now consider what substantial role social media is currently playing to fit those same aims here in the US.

So the next question on everyone’s mind should be if they can’t remove him through a corrupt political system, which so far they’ve been unable to do, what is the next move? If they’re willing to publicly undermine and expose their own judicial system and the levels of corruption present removing any legitimacy to them, what else will they do? And what’s the plan after that?

Whatever it is you have, you don’t have enough of it. And if training is not on the top of that list, you’re wrong.

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