While attending NC Scouts Urban CQB  class in New Jersey several weeks ago a discussion about fictional and nonfictional books came up over lunch. There were oodles of books that many of the participants had never heard of. Well since Hanukah, Christmas, and Kwanza (Patriotman’s favorite holiday I might add) are right around the corner, I asked the writers here at American Partisan what their favorite books, fictional and nonfictional were. What came back from the group was amazing and below is only a partial list of what was recommended. Each title has a link to purchase if you are so inclined or pass the list onto friends and family members wanting to know what you would like for the up and coming holidays.

The titles are listed by author’s last name, then first, alphabetically. Keep in mind that although I only showed several titles for any author many have a whole series of novels linked together by the characters in the novels.


Freedom Through Self-Reliance®

Fiction Nonfiction
Author Title Author Title
American, Angry Going Home Book 1 Ballou, James Arming for the Apocalypse,
Surviving Home Book 2 Long Term Survival in the Coming Dark Age
Escaping Home Book 3 Makeshift Workshop Skills
Bird, Steven The Shepherd Society Lost Book 1 Captive Audience 365 Days to Survival
Betrayal Society Lost Book 2 Carnegie, Dale How to Win Friends and Influence People
The Last Layover: The Homefront Book 1 Clayton, Bruce Life After Doomsday
The Guardian: The Homefront Book 2 Collins, Jim Good to Great
Bracken, Matt Enemies Foreign and domestic Culper, Sam Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield & Community
Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista Dickson, Murray Where There Is No Dentist
Foreign Enemies and Traitors Diamond, Jared Collapse: How Societies Choose to Succeed or Fail
Castigo Cay Emery, Carla The Encyclopedia of Country Living (Tenth Edition
The Red Clift’s of Zerhoun Elford, George The Devil’s Guard
The Bracken Collection : Essays and Short Fiction Fackler, Martin MD Emergency War Surgery (NATO Handbook: Third United States Revision, 2004)
Bradley, Arthur Dr. The survivorist: Frontier Justice Book 1 Forgey, William MD Wilderness Medicine, Beyond First Aid
Anarchy Rising; The Survivalist Book 2 Forse, Bill Where There Is No Vet
Childers, Erskine Riddle of the Sands S. Foster and J. Duke Peterson’s Plant Guides
Crais, Robert The Watchman Koppel, Ted Lights Out
Crawford, David Lights Out Gehring, Abigail R. Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills, Third Edition
Dickson, Gordon Wolf and Iron Gladstar, Mary Medicinal Plant Guide
Hamid, Mohsin The Reluctant Fundamentalist Glennon, Michael National Security and Double Government
Fleming, Ian Casino Royale God The Holy Bible KJV
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Holiday, Ryan The Obstacle Is in the Way
Forstchen, William One Second After Book 1 Mike Garand and Jack Lawson A Failure of Civility
One Year After Book 2 Hagakuri Book of Five Rings


The Final Day Book 3 Kearny, Cresson Nuclear War Survival Skills
Frank, Pat 


Alas Babylon Lind, William 4th Generation Warfare
Garrett, Archer The Western Front Vol 1-3 Lofgren, Mike The Deep State
Gorham, Ray 77 Days in September Book 1 Manhoff, David Mosby’s Outdoor Emergency Medical Guide
Daunting Days of Winter Book 2 Martino


Resistance to Tyranny
Grice, Troy Oathkeeper Plaster, John Ultimate Sniper
Crumbs Parnell, Sean Outlaw Platoon
Hemingway, Ernest For Whom the Bell Tolls Peniakoff, Vladimir Popski’s Private Army
King, Steven The Stand Poole, H.J. Tequila Junction
Konkoly, Steven The Jackarta Pandemic Book 1 Dragon Days
The Perseid Collapse: A Modern Thriller Book 2 Last Hundred Yards
Niven and Pournelle Lucifer’s Hammer Phantom Soldier


Rawles, James W. Patriots Book 1 The Tiger’s Way
Survivors Book 2 Ranger Training Brigade, US Army Infantry School Ranger Handbook
Founders Book 3 Rawles, James W. How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It
Ross, John Unintended Consequences Sasser, Charles One Shot, One Kill
Schlichter, Kurt Peoples Republic Senge, Peter The Fifth Discipline
Indian Country Smith, Edward The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible
Sherry, Thomas Deep Winter Book 1 Stadtler, Koos Recce; Small Team Missions Behind Enemy Lines
Shatter Book 2 Stewart, Creek How to Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag
Remnant Book 3 Stevens, James T. Making the Best of Basics – Family Preparedness Handbook
Stewart, Chris Wrath & Righteousness Book 1 Sun Tzu Art of War
Darkness of This World: Wrath & Righteousness Book 2 Tainter, Joseph The Collapse of Complex Societies
Tate, Glen 299 Days: Preparation Book 1 Tappan, Mel Survival Guns
The Collapse: 299 Days Book 2 Tappan on Survival
The Community; 299 Days Book 3 Waugh, Bill SGM Hunting The Jackal
Tim J. Cold Camp J. Wilkerson MD and K. Zafran MD Medicine For Mountaineering


Williams, T.L. Coopers Revenge Werner, David Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook
Wiseman, John SAS Survival Guide