In an expected formal move, Russia has made moves to strengthen economic ties with its old Cold War ally and foothold in the West, Cuba. Praising the struggling nation new President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, Vladimir Putin noted the reforms made since the retirement of Raul Castro in the face of successful sanctions reinforced on the nation by the Trump administration. Nullifying the Obama regime’s support of the Marxist nation, Trump’s moves infuriated an American Leftist journalist corps who cut their teeth on praising the Castro brothers and gushing over Fidel’s death.

This move is nothing more than a formality however; Russia already cancelled billions of dollars of Cuba’s debt accrued during the Cold War. Maintaining and expanding Cold War era strongholds, Russia formally re-opened the Lourdes ‘Signals Intelligence’ Station which has been not only revamped since its closure in 2001, but now has a large compound of barracks, motor pools, and a 3200 meter long runway facing north-south. So the question remains why they would need a runway that large facing north-south, as the site is adjacent to Jose Marti International, facing east-west. It is my theory that the base exists as a foothold for transient troops, much as Kuwait is for the US.

With rampant destabilization underway in nearly all of the South and Central American nations, the environment is ripe for building a large army that could, in theory at least, push north as a occupying force. This theory explains the major moves Russia has made in Venezuela including investing in the weapons logistics necessary, building 50k AK-103s per year, to field such an army. If an invasion of the US mainland ever were to occur, whether hostile or by invitation due to rampant social destabilization, that’s the lone way it could be done.

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