Impeachment? You got it.

And with that, properly summarized in Speaker Pelosi’s famous words, “we’ve got to pass the bill to see what’s in it”, the duly elected President of this nation has been impeached by the House of Communists, for nothing other than seeking to overturn the lawful election- where the silent majority- you- spoke. And it had to come to pass, just so they could see what the ramifications would be.

Alea Iacta Est; The Die Is Cast.

How far are you going to let them push you? They’re moving to take your rights- not just your guns but your rights to train with them- all by passing laws, by the way. And while the eyes are on Virginia they’re pulling the same tricks in Kentucky. There’s a buffer state being built around any pocket of resistance near the centers of power.

Now the ball has been passed to the Senate. Should this be the politically empty measure it is predicted to be, the Communist talking points will be cries of “NO JUSTICE! NO PEACE!” in the streets, aided by their allies controlling the local infrastructure of the cities they infest. That part does not concern me, rather, the very real threat to the infrastructure which certain elements among them have signaled a willingness to exploit.

The impeachment of President Donald Trump is a declaration of war on the American people. The real Americans. AntiFa, Redneck Revolt, John Brown Gun Club, Worker’s World Party, are footsoldiers of the Marxist Left and domestic enemies to the Republic. The Democrat Party is a domestic enemy to the people of the United States.

Do what you will. I’ll be training.