Many of you are going to either ignore or argue with what you are about to read. You will think that it is too simplistic, will take far to long to accomplish, things are too for gone for this to work or some sort of combination of the above along with a dozen other reasons you may think up along the way. I understand this because I hear them on a day to day basis. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. They won’t hurt my feelings as I no longer have any and if I did I can always sooth myself to sleep knowing that I am right.

How can I say that I am right with such confidence? It is because the plan below works. I have seen it work. I have studied how and why it works. I have worked in various stages of this plan. I have undeniable proof that it works and as you read this it is unfolding right now before your very eyes in states like Virginia. Even though it is right in front of you, plain as the nose on your face, you will still deny that it is even possible and will not attempt to do it. You are wrong. You are in denial.

The reason is that though this plan appears to be simple it requires a lot of hard work. It requires a lot of time and effort. It is thankless, backbreaking and sometimes ugly. Those around you will not understand it and may mock you for wasting your time on it. You will receive no glory or recognition for your efforts. This is the plan that those who oppose all you hold dear used to get to where we are today. They put up with all that I outlined above because they understand in their bones that the goal is not to win, it is about making sure that their agenda is advanced farther today that it was yesterday. To you it is a short game to them it is about infinity.

I say all this because I want the few of you that will read below and grasp the implications of this plan to understand what you will be up against. Things have reached the point in this country that armed uprising to make up for the sheer neglect and apathy of our side seems like the sanest option. So, for the courageous among you, read below and take up the sacred duty our Founding Fathers gave us as free men and women.

1. Join a Party
For better or worse we have a two-party system in this country. As each party has drifted to where there does not seem to be a difference between them those that believe in freedom have taking their political ball and gone home. The main reason this has happened is because over the past few years those that have claimed No Party Affiliation has risen and they tend to be more freedom oriented than statist. We abandoned the fight. What must happen is that you need to plant a flag in one of the available parties so that there is still a voice for your ideas. If you cannot stomach being part of the main two then there are many third parties that need help as at some point one of the two are going to detonate and will be replaced. It has happened before in our history and it is on the verge of happening again. Unless you are part of a party you cannot participate in the next step.

2. Become involved in the workings of the Party
Every party has a county level Executive Committee and a State level organization. You need to become part of the leadership in your area. You start by being consistently at the monthly meetings. Volunteer to be part of the sub committees, voter registrations, calls to action and events. The more visible you are and the more effort you put in the more influential you become.

3. Work the primary
The primary is where the party chooses who will run in the general election. This is the most ignored aspect of the process and the most crucial. You need to pay attention who is running for nomination. Most likely your only chance to meet and speak directly to these people are during this time. You may even feel that one of these candidates would be worth spending your time and effort to help win the nomination. Often weak or downright bad candidates are nominated because most of the party members do nothing as they just wait to see who is nominated. However, in order to advance what we believe, this part of the process is very important.

4. Work the general
If your candidate wins the primary and is now the nominee, it is time to commit. The time between primary and general is very short and everyday counts. You can do steps 1-3 almost as a hobby. You cannot treat step 4 like a hobby. Any moment you can spare should be spent at party headquarters helping to make phone calls, knocking doors, hanging signs or whatever they need you to do. This effort is what helps win elections and it also doesn’t hurt that it helps you be noticed and increases your future influence. You will have to sacrifice during this time.

What if your candidate did not win the primary and the less desirable one won instead? You still do the work and you still vote for them. If the candidate supports three of the five things you think are important (please do not be stupid and be a single-issue voter) then you still vote for them. I guarantee that the opposing candidate supports zero out of five of the issues you think are important. Our side is very bad about insisting on ideological purity and often refuses to vote over a single issue. The other side understands this and consistently turns out and votes for a candidate that they do not like because they know that it about how far they can advance their ideas. They only care about advancing. If you have a problem doing this then step 5 and 6 is where we correct.

5. Watch the policy
Just because the election is over does not mean the work is done. The election is just a short-term game. Our side has looked at elections as win/loss propositions and if our guy wins then the other side must accept defeat and bow to our superior ideas. Also, if the other side wins, we need to stop acting like that the game is over. Remember it is about the advancement of ideas and sometimes you are ahead and sometimes you are behind. Elections are not a scoreboard they are a gauge. Regardless of if your candidate won or lost you need to watch the policies and legislation they write or support. In this day and age it is ridiculously easy to keep track of this as on Federal, State and Local levels you can see what bills are being submitted, track what committees they are going through and where the person that now represents you votes on them online. It is also very easy to contact them to let them know how you feel about certain things they will vote on. Read the bills and ordinances that are coming up. If you do not understand what they mean or what the implementations could be there are plenty of organizations that interpret public policy and the impacts of them. Also understand that the language of legislation does not always make sense. Certain words in a piece of legislation can have a different meaning than what is in common usage. Take the time to learn what it means and not what you think it means. That way when it is time to move to step 6 you have a big impact.

6. Hold accountable
Most people think that the only time this happens is on election day. It is the day that we only think about every 2,4 or 6 years depending on the office, but it is a day that every elected official thinks and worries about every day of the year. You can remind them as well that it is a day that you are thinking about every time they write or vote for a piece of legislation. You can see what bills are in committee and if your direct legislator or one from your state sits on one of those committees you can call their office and let them know how you feel about it and how you think they should vote on it. Yes, you can tell them how you want them to vote no matter what party is after their name. Do not fall for that myth that they will not listen to you. They may ignore you, but they will listen to you. I know this because I have many times sat in their offices talking directly to them or a staff member and seen the look in their eyes when I tell them that I am the one calling voters and knocking on doors.

One thing that we neglect to do is thank them when they do vote on good policy. Simply put what is rewarded is repeated. My state representative and Congressman both are of the opposite party I support but I have on many occasions called their offices or spoke with them directly and thanked them for their vote on issues. Thanking them for when they do right sticks with them longer than yelling at them when they do wrong. They are more likely to be receptive to the things you care about in the future.

7. Repeat
Politics is an infinite game which means it never ends. Infinite games are unwinnable, they are just played until the players run out of will or resources to continue and they drop out and are replaced by others. The other side has figured this out a long time ago and that is why even though they may lose an election or two their ideas seem to keep advancing. Those of use that believe in freedom and liberty have treated politics like a finite game which explains why when we win elections we never seem to gain or slow anything down. You must keep involved and keep working. There will never be a moment where you can win enough elections or advance enough policy where you can say you are done. We understand this when it comes to prepping for survival. Survival is an infinite game that you cannot win you just keep going until you run out of will or resources to continue. All your preps do is give you a head start and keep you in the game longer. Therefore, if you really want to advance freedom, you can never stop working.

So, there it is. It is the exact same broad plan that those that hate individual freedom has executed for decades. If what you see happening in Virginia, and in other states, upsets you enough to want to pick up a gun then it should motivate you to do the hard work involved in this effort. People need to realize that if they get the government of Virginia to back down it is not a win. The other side will only see it as a temporary setback and apply the lessons learned to their next effort while our side will just go home thinking it is over. It is never over, and it is our fault that it has gotten this far. The question is will you do what is all that is necessary to turn the tide and start advancing, or will you just sit and wait to be dragged into a fight because it is just easier that way?
I guess we will ultimately find out by November.

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