The holidays have come and gone. We have all probably eaten too many good vittles and drank too much good libation over the last several weeks. I know that I certainly have. Here is our reality check:

As of today, there are 307 days until the 2020 election.

Anyone who tells me that they are ready to take on the gubmit but looks like the guy below is lying to themselves.

The coming “Boogaloo” is not going to necessarily require obscene strength. What will it require?

  1. The ability to move your body weight + the weight of your gear over, under and through obstacles (i.e. over short walls, under fences, etc),
  2. The ability to run and move with your equipment without tiring easily,
  3. The ability to move moderate distances and still have the cardiovascular endurance to hit our shots without a ridiculously high heart rate messing with our shots (courtesy of one of my favorite Youtubers, DonutOperator, here is an example of why that is important).

That is not to say that strength is overrated. As anyone who has watched the Crossfit games, there are plenty strong people with ridiculous cardio endurance. Now, we are not those people. But we can get to our own satisfactory level of fitness that will allow us to do those things listed above.

I know that for the past three years I have been doing a quasi-cutting and bulking cycle. I would essentially cut my weight by about 25lbs through the end of April. During this time, I would almost completely cut out all drinking except for special occasions (and even then, it would be severely curtailed). I would then maintain that weight through roughly August, and then once tailgate season came back around I would slowly bulk back up. I was using this method because I was primarily concerned with the amount of weight that I could move, and it did work quite effectively.

However, I am moving away from cut/bulk method. My new focus is on muscular and cardio endurance. When I lose the weight on this next cut, I will be aiming to keep it off and increase my cardio strength (which has always been my weakness). I will still have strength days, but I will also be including more Crossfit WODs and circuit training.

If you have access to a fitness center, what I often use is the premade workouts from “The Quad Guy”, otherwise known as Julian Smith. For the record, I have no stake in this at all. It was recommended to me by a gym buddy who was a former Marine and is now in the FDNY training system, so I trusted his suggestion. As someone who has a full time job and a side job, it is a welcome relief to not have to design my own workouts. His workouts swing between high rep, low weight workouts for endurance as well as low rep, high weight workouts and explosive movements. He also stresses training parts of the body that others don’t such as the neck (great for neck stability for hand to hand or even a car crash) and forearms (for grip strength). The best part – it costs $6 a month. That’s two cups of coffee a month.

If you do not have access to a gym, that is okay! There are a plethora of exercises that require either no equipment or very little equipment that, if you skip a night out , you can afford in short order. has a great section on fitness plans.

They also have an exercise guide that includes filters for specific equipment. You would be amazed at what a kettlebell, medicine ball, elastic bands, and a cheap easy curl bar can do for you. You should also monitor places like Craigslist for cheap equipment from people who bought it for Christmas and are selling it by Saint Patty’s Day. I managed to get a great $500 exercise bike for $100 that had been used twice and have now logged over 1,000 miles on it. I make my own rucking bricks by duct taping 2.5lbs patio bricks from Home Depot. You can then get a cheap child’s sled and fill it with the bricks to practice dragging (as someone who dragged a person during a TCCC exercise, this is HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

The Challenge

This challenge is not against AP staff or even your fellow commenters and readers. This challenge is against yourself. Too often we set goals and do not hold ourselves accountable. Do yourself a favor and leave a comment on the article with your weight and your goals – weight goals, lifting goals, running goals, etc. Hell, it can even be a “total distance walked” or a “walking goal of 4 miles in an hour. Refer to this often and keep a journal of your workouts to track the work you put in – you will be amazed at the progress you make. On a monthly basis, I will be posting an update article with my progress and I encourage you to comment with yours. Sure, you can lie to us for internet cred, but does that really help advance your goals and the goals of our movement?

I can even post a Crossfit WOD (workout of the day) every Saturday morning for you to complete that weekend. Together, we can get into the fighting shape that will be required for 2020 and beyond.

Just remember this: push yourself, but not to the point of sever injury. Be smart. If you injure yourself, you will set back your progress and take yourself out of the fight. That does NOT mean to go easy on yourself. It means that you need to listen to your body. You will be sore in the beginning. This is GOOD. You will want to quit, but you WON’T. This is not just about our health and staying alive. This is about being ready to fight if and when that fight comes.

Patriotman’s Workout Schedule

My schedule is a two week cycle. It depends highly on what workouts are put out by Julian Smith, but it will generally follow this:

Week One

    • Monday: Bike 30 minutes in morning, Gym at night (Chest and Triceps)
    • Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes in morning, Martial Arts training at night
    • Wednesday: Bike 30 minutes in morning, Gym at night (Legs; Heavy deadlifts and leg press)
    • Thursday: Bike 30 minutes in morning, Gym at night (Back and Biceps)
    • Friday: Bike 30 minutes in morning, Gym at night (Shoulders, neck, forearms)
    • Saturday: Crossfit WOD and light legs in morning
    • Sunday: 30 minutes of Stairmaster in morning

Week Two

    • Monday: Bike 30 minutes in morning, Gym at night (“Push”; chest, shoulders, triceps)
    • Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes in morning, Martial Arts training at night
    • Wednesday: Bike 30 minutes in morning, Gym at night (Legs; Heavy squats)
    • Thursday: Bike 30 minutes in morning, Gym at night (“Pull”; back, biceps)
    • Friday: Bike 30 minutes in morning, Gym at night (body weight circuit)
    • Saturday: Crossfit WOD and light legs in morning
    • Sunday: 30 minutes of Stairmaster in morning

Patriotman’s Current Stats

    • Weight as of 12/31:
    • Deadlift: 455lbs
    • Squat: 265lbs
    • Bench: 285lbs
    • Mile: 8:42 minutes
    • Pushups in 1 minute: 31
    • Situps in 2 minutes: 40
    • Pull-ups in 1 minute: 15
    • Plank length: 1 minute 48 seconds

Patriotman’s Goals:

    • I want to drop down to 225lbs and maintain that weight.
    • I want to get a 7:30 mile.
    • I want to maintain at least a 265lb squat, a 405lb deadlift, and a 255lb bench press.
    • I want to increase my Pushup and Situp numbers.
    • I want to double my plank time.

Final Thoughts

For me, there are several videos I use to hype myself up. I included those below:

Here are some books that I recommend:

As Jocko Willick once said: YOUR EXCUSES ARE LIES.

Get at it and don’t stop. Never be satisfied.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.