Got news on another 2A Rally planned, this time in Rhode Island. If that’s you, you know what to do. If that’s not you, leave it to the folks that live there. And leave your rose colored glasses at home. Its a fight you need to be ready for, and not the one you VOTE MOAR HARDER to resolve. -NCS

This legislative session our Bloomberg-backed Governor will attempt to drive home some of the most restrictive anti-firearms regulations IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. Those regulations include:


·                Department of Environmental Management database of gun owners

·                Full blown firearms registration through changes to the purchasing process

·                 A ban on virtually ALL semiautomatic firearms

·                Magazine capacity restrictions

·                 Firearms forfeitures through Red Flag expansion

·                Elimination of CCW

·                Background check with ZERO protections for the purchaser

·                Ambiguous ban on 80% that could leave any polymer receiver firearms

On Thursday January 23rd at 4PM we send our elected officials a message by organizing the LARGEST Second Amendment rally our Governor has ever seen. Spread the word to your gun clubs, coworkers, firearms retailers and social media pages. ADVOCATE FOR YOUR FIREARMS RIGHTS!

Please show up at the Rhode Island State House and wear yellow!

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Welcome American Partisans!

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