Not even 24 hours after the ‘protest’, VA Democrats prove standing around Richmond with guns was not only pointless, but that you are no threat to them. According to WTVR,

One day after an estimated 22,000 attended a gun-rights rally in Richmond, hundreds made their way to the Pocahontas Building to have their voices heard as Democrats rejected several Republican-sponsored bills to loosen restrictions.

Not even 24 hours.

“I think that we are going to do more than give thoughts and prayers. Were going to get votes, and were going to pass laws that are truly going to make Virginians safer going forward,” said Jeff Bourne, chair of the firearms subcommittee.

Democrats say they plan to continue to move forward with gun control bills.

Of course. Democracy in action. You thought standing around in camo was going to do anything?

“The governor and the leadership of the democrats have declared war on law-abiding citizens and gun owners and their votes today just confirmed that that’s where we’re going,” said Philip Van Cleave, President of Virginia Citizens Defense League.

Might wanna start acting like it then, there, you. Or vote harder. Or how about quit being so civilized. At least the State Police were polite though, am I right?


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