About five years ago, I was stuck in a workout rut without knowing I was. After a few years of working out, I was languishing in a workout circuit where I was not pushing myself anymore. I was weak – wishy-washy, lacking in discipline, lacking in determination.

One night – admittedly when I was a few glasses of Jim Beam deep – I got tired of where I was in my fitness. I came across this video, and it has changed my life. I watch it every three months or so because of what it means to me.

There are a few other videos that get me going. I have posted them previous, but I think they warrant reposting. These are the videos that have personally motivated me. I have posted them before because, for me, there are worth their weight in gold. I have downloaded them as mp3s and put them on my phone. They drive you forward.

Here are the most relevant lessions from CT Fletcher in my eyes. These are the ones I personally integrate and also the ones I try to integrate but struggle with. This is not me repeating what I have heard. This is me taking what he said and trying it out over a few years.

  1. Mental attitude is key. You need self buy-in. If you are wishy-washy, then you are done.
  2. Listen to your body. Do what feels good. You may hit the gym and a workout feels fantastic. Do that.
  3. If you go to the gym and are not feeling the workout, keep going. Even if the weight is 50% of what you normally do, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.
  4.  Get used to being uncomfortable. Learn to love the burn. As a wise man once said, “Embrace the suck”.
  5. Change your workout. If you are doing 5x5s, do 3x20s. If you do 4x8s, do 1RMs for power. Chain the workout with another to do a super-set. Increase your endurance and strength.
  6. Do dropsets. Overload the muscle by doing dropsets and muscle confusion. Check your ego at the door (I personally struggle with this) and do a metric-ton of reps to build muscular endurance.
  7. Be obsessed with being better. Never be satisfied. NEVER. Just keep going.
  8. The phrase “I am good enough” DOES NOT EXIST. IT. IS. NEVER. GOOD. ENOUGH. You are never good enough. KEEP. GOING.