Coming by way of a reader, RTO Course alum and retired fighter pilot is a story published just a few days ago on the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service detailing a new USMC program to train Marines in the use of HF radio.

U.S. Marine Corps Col. Jordan Walzer, commanding officer of II MIG, created the High Frequency Auxiliary Initiative after recognizing the need for utilizing more options in a combat environment. He wanted the Marines to familiarize themselves with older technology to ensure their lethality in any situation.

“Embracing technology is great but overreliance leaves us vulnerable,” Walzer said. “In a peer-to-peer conflict, our space-based capabilities will be attacked. The next war will look less like ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and a lot more like ‘Ghost Fleet’.”

I couldn’t agree more- the over-reliance on space based communications platforms may be convenient but they’re highly vulnerable to attack. HF, or skywave, provides a broad number of options when implemented correctly over a region. Its a capability that takes skill built over time, but the learning curve can be high.

The old skills are coming back as the high-tech solutions reveal vulnerabilities. Luckily there’s someone covering these very same skills to the armed and prepared citizen.

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