Monday Morning February 24, 2020

Gold at $1,679- an ounce. Up $70- since last Thursday.

Silver up to $18.59 an ounce – It will be close $19- an ounce by day end.

DJIA off at this writing -796 points and NASDAQ -272.

USD very strong, at $1.08 (up) to €1 Euro (down) and £1.28 (down).

As posted last Thursday February 20, 2020 titled nCoV-2019 Economic March Around the World, things economically are going bad.

This is bad news to all of you who have a 401K or IRA retirement account. Add to that bad news, this is just what Bernie Sanders supporters are hoping for. The contracting of the American economy by election day in November benefits the Democrat Socialists in our midst.

Please double check your 3B’s and make plans as appropriate while you have a job before the layoffs happen.

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