Coming by way of The Guardian is the identity of the leader of a group called ‘The Base’, of which three members were rolled up in what looked like a plot to bomb the rally. But even that story is extremely thin, vanishing from the news cycle. Now that more is known, the so-called ‘Base’ looks more like a manufactured convenience used to cultivate patsies:

Nazzaro is the principal of an LLC called Omega Solutions International (OSI), a company offering a range of intelligence and security contracting.

Its website, which was removed from the Internet some time after August 2019, boasted of the firm’s “experience conducting intelligence analysis for government agencies, military organizations, and private businesses”, as well as access to a network of seasoned security professionals with expertise in counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, homeland security, hostage rescue/negotiations, psychological operations, and more.

The firm also has a Cage Code, which is an administrative requirement for military and government contractors.

So they were using a front company to frame the narrative and intervened to wave it off. Color me shocked.

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