I little over a year ago, NC Scout Senior Editor at this fine publication, asked me to put together a net that could be rolled out if needed. To work out the kinks in such an endeavor once a month many former Brushbeater alumni have been participating in a once a month ERIN (Eastern Region Intelligence Net) net. Last week Scout asked me to release the hounds and do a once a night net opening it up to all. Tonight, will be the sixth net so far. Currently, we have good participation from Central Florida north to the Canadian border.

ERIN runs two nets a night. One at 1800 hrs eastern on 40-meters and another at 1830 hrs eastern on 80-meters. We run two nets because propagation is poor at the moment but improving. It seems that propagation on 40-meters works well south of the Mason- Dixon line while 80-meters works north of it. Although the SOI is standardized, the PACE does change slightly each day; However, it is typically around 7.231 Mhz LSB at 1800 hrs eastern and 3.970 Mhz LSB at 1830 hrs eastern. If you do not hear the net, go up or down a few Mhz and you will find us. The need to move at times is due in part to splatter from other QSO’s up or down the posted PACE.

All are welcome to check-in or just listen.

Here is a overall report from last night’s ERIN net,

  1. Stores shelves are starting to look fuller then what we saw last weekend and Monday/Tuesday this week. This includes TP, paper towels, bleach, etc. Beef and pork seem to be back in full stock while chicken still is limited.
  2. Many stations reported that bank lobbies in their AO are closed except if you make an appointment, while drive thru’s are open. With that written, I was down in the Philly area to go to the store for my mom. She needed some cash and wanted me to deposit a dividend check. Her local TD Bank’s lobby was open. I was greeted with a big smile and a “hello”.
  3. NC Scout reported that one hospital in North Carolina released all non-emergency patients and moved others to nearby hospitals to clear one hospital for future Wuhan Virus patients. Along with this development, several hospitals in Durham North Carolina, have set up triage type tents on their properties.
  4. All stations that checked in reported that car traffic on the roads was minimal while truck traffic was normal. On my drive down to Philly and return, I put the cruise control on 80 mph and made it to my mom’s in 2 1/2 hrs which normally takes 3. I saw three PA. State Troopers on my entire round trip. Two passed me going +80 mph and one sitting off to the side of the road.
  5. No reports of violence.
  6. Nobody needed any help.
The reporting is a modified BORIS/CYRIL Report and check-ins are asked to follow this flow,
  1. Location,
  2. Traffic if any,
  3. Weather Report,
  4. Wuhan Virus update for check-ins AO,
  5. Report on disturbance for stations AO, and
  6. Request for any help.
The net is a directed net and you can read more about that on the SOI (Rules of Engagement) at Unchainedpreppers.com.
There are several other HF nets around the country doing the same as the ERIN net. Locally, many clubs are now doing nets on shared repeaters too. I encourage all to participate if you can. I trust the ham radio community more than the fear mongers on the boob tube.
I will leave you folks with this little song, by David Bowie. Enjoy!
73 & God Bless.
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