Like most guys who got trigger time overseas in the last couple decades, I was a die-hard Oakley fan. Still am, to a certain degree. I’ve got a few old pair roaming around here somewhere. The obligatory M frames, the Gas Cans, and even a pair of titanium Juliets from back in the day. Those used to be the ‘hangover glasses’…hiding your eyes from the reality of a rowdy night in the barracks. But they were they Sixth Principle Of Patrolling- Thou Shalt Look Cool While Doing It- and that’s all that really mattered. It was one of those brands that everyone wore, like G-Shock.

But like a lot of other things since I got out, I’ve learned to move on. I had always heard about Spy Optic since the days of skiing in western NC but I never ventured to check out their sunglasses. Everyone I hung out with wore Oakley, so there was no buying any other brand. But absent that peer pressure, it was time to branch out and try a new brand. Spy always had an appeal that was similar enough to Oakley but had an extra….I dunno. Something I just liked better. After window shopping online I finally tried some on at a local shop. And seeing, so to speak, is believing.

My first pair were a set of Spy Logans, simple black frames and squared up lenses that fit well. They gripped my face, didn’t move, and most important to me, didn’t fog up when sweaty. Anyone who’s worn M Frames under a MICH or Bump helmet knows that anti-fog is a must, but with these I had zero issue. They stay clear and the lenses are sharper than any Oakleys I’ve owned. Spy calls it ‘Happy Lens’, but I know that they have been hard wearing and long lasting- much more than the ~$80 I spent on them.

When it was time to replace them after three years of daily wear I picked up a similar pair called the Piper which I like slightly more. Being gunmetal grey and an even better fit to my face, they’ve been stellar in everything I’ve asked them to do- from a 50 mile offshore fishing trip to carbine classes on the range to everything else. I absolutely love them and I can’t think of wearing a different brand. My gear either performs or it goes away. They have made me a loyalist.

Spy Piper- check them out. I think they’ll make you as happy as they do me. And check out Spy’s site for a lot of other awesome styles. Durability and looking cool while doing it- an awesome combo.