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I took a few quick jaunts to the local box stores and super markets over the weekend. Some observations:

  1. Obvious things were not available – masks, gloves, rubbing alcohol.
  2. The smaller grocery stores were low on TP and gallons of water but the BJs had plenty.
  3. Chatted up three different clerks and liquor stores while buying Everclear and they said that they sold more of that in the past week than in the previous month, and that many were openly stating it was for hand sanitizing. At $30 for a 1.75L handle, I will probably go back and get a few more bottles (besides the obvious use for 95% alcohol, it would prove useful in a barter scenario).
  4. I was surprised that more OTC medicine wasn’t gone.
  5. Canned goods were a little lower than normal but otherwise fine.

I am located in suburban New Jersey. Many colleges are moving to all online instruction here and rumors of public schools as well are surfacing. Many social events have been cancelled.

I fully intend on updating this article over the next few days as well with my more current observations.

I wanted the AP readership to sound off on what they are seeing in their AOs as well as any tips for supplies that others might not be thinking of. Here are my Requests for Information (RFIs):

  1. What supplies are low or nonexistant in your AO?
  2. What supplies are suprisingly available?
  3. What supplies would you recommend that are outside the box of normal thinking?
  4. What interruptions in public services are you seeing?
  5. What interruptions in patterns of like are you seeing?
  6. If comfortable, a general idea of where you are located (vagueness is obviously fine – I mean, AP gets it lol)

Please report in the comments below and share any other similar reports you have seen elsewhere as well.

Update 20200312 20:32EST:

Went to a Resturant Depot after work. I chatted with a clerk for about 10 minutes. He said that from 1pm to 5pm it was a madhouse. Water was limited and hand sanitizer was flying off the shelves. One dude jokingly coughed and said he had Coronavirus and the clerk scolded him because “I didn’t know if he would have made it out of the warehouse alive”. He also said “…as I would stock one jar of cherries and grab another, it was gone”. I grabbed about 136lbs of beans and some #10 cans of veg as well as some honey, white vinegar, and apple cider vinegar.

I then went to Home Depot. They still had supplies of paper products and cleaner, though all of the Lysol wipes were gone – a testament to people being lazy or just following the herd because they are not cost effective. No masks obviously, and only a few paint coveralls. I grabbed some tubs to store my items in and moved towards the door.

I intend on checking out Walmart, Shoprite, and BJs this weekend for one final check. My job has ordered us to work from home for at least the next two weeks (I expect that will be extended) so come Monday morning I am not venturing out if I can help it. I even put my gym membership in freeze mode and will continue to do Wednesday WOD type workouts at home. As such, I may start to post those workouts multiple times a week so keep an eye out for that.

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed their comments below. AP is not just the writers, but also the community, and you are doing a service to others with your information. If there are any breaking developments, please leave a comment below. A similar post to this will probably be up at least every other week to monitor changing conditions on the ground.

Stay safe and keep your powder dry. God Bless.

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