It seems like there’s a lot of people waking up to the reality that there’s some serious pitfalls to urban living. From the LA Times, it looks like a lot of Californians are heading for the hills and deserts to get away from the areas most impacted by the Chinese COVID-19.

As the coronavirus pandemic tightens its grip on California’s largest cities, some residents are fleeing urban sprawl and seeking shelter in isolated communities in the Mojave Desert or rugged Sierra Nevada. Their hope, they say, is to avoid possible public unrest and limit their exposure to the virus.

Well, they’re not wrong for recognizing that something is wrong. Any port in a storm, I guess, but are these newfound preppers genuine or are they just looking to take advantage of relocation and bring all their baggage with them or do they recognize that the very idiocy they readily accept in California has, in large part, caused the resultant issues? My guess is probably not.

In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Thursday night that residents were forbidden from moving to or from vacation homes outside the city, along with a number of other health and safety restrictions aimed at fighting contagion.

Forbidden from moving to a vacation home? Is this guy serious? Is this America? No, its the People’s Republic Of Chinafornia. Who the hell put this man in charge of anything? Probably the same people who allowed the quarantined passengers off the cruise ship and called the travel ban from China ‘xenophobic’. And these same people want to move outside their playpen. On second thought, I agree with the LA mayor. Remain in place.

Aside from the obvious, having these locusts leave their containment zone presents a number of problems. Rural California has a low population for a reason- they don’t have water. And if that resource is already under strain due to the very reasons they left, these new hipster transplants are going to find themselves in a world of hurt in a hurry. Let alone the meth heads holed up in places like Victorville. Small town America immediately knows who’s not from there, and usually the locals don’t like you. Nothing personal, just the way it is. So what of it? Are these newfound hipster preppers going to embrace a sustainable lifestyle, the same one they always preach about?

“As soon as the coronavirus pandemic clears up,” she added with a smile, “I’m leaving town.”

Looks like the answer is no.

Heaven forbid this thing gets worse than it is. These people can’t even deal with minor inconvenience, let alone their own survival.


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