My friend AmazonCreek is a certified herbal healer, Reiki Master, and highly skilled bushcrafter from the Ohio river valley region. He’s sent this link that’s underscoring the conversation I’ve had with more than a few people over the past couple of months. – NCS

From Michael Snyder over at Prison Planet, there’s another tertiary effect of the Chinese Virus on the world- our food supply. Pointing out the fragility of our just-in-time supply system, Snyder correctly predicts that the global prices on food will increase amid the economic recession caused by a global economic shutdown. What is going to happen when the canneries and packing plants are closed?

This reality coupled with the fact that much of the US’ farms are heavily financed and live on floating debt doesn’t help matters. The economic woes will be felt for some time:

Meanwhile, our farmers are facing severe problems of their own.  The following comes from CNBC

The U.S.-China trade war sent scores of farmers out of business. Record flooding inundated farmland and destroyed harvests. And a blistering heat wave stunted crop growth in the Midwest.

Now, the coronavirus pandemic has dealt another blow to a vulnerable farm economy, sending crop and livestock prices tumbling and raising concerns about sudden labor shortages.

The chaos in the financial markets is likely to continue for the foreseeable future, and it is going to remain difficult for farm laborers to move around as long as “shelter-in-place” orders remain in effect on the state level.

Iowa farmer Robb Ewoldt told reporter Emma Newburger that “we’ve stopped saying it can’t get worse”, and he says that this coronavirus pandemic looks like it could be “the straw that broke the camel’s back”

I can personally attest to the fact that nearly all in the commercial farming industry have been financing farm implements the same way the automotive industry does- with payment and interest rates being roughly the same. And while we can say that the economy will come ‘roaring back’ as some conservative pundits put it, the reality is that an already overstrained economic underpinning of commercial agriculture could very well cause long term shortages of staple crops.

Governments of other nations are paying attention to this metric as well- leading the UN to make statements warning of the potential. This is all the more reason to seek self sufficiency in all areas and top among them, the ability to grow your own food.