From the beginning of this Chinese Virus drama I have felt that we will end up losing more freedom’s not unlike post the 9/11 attack. Tuesday as I was driving to meet up with a friend for coffee, I was listening to Glenn Beck on the radio. I know that many of you think Beck is a quack however even a blind squirrel finds a nut ever once in a while. His monologue revolved around the NWO (New World Order) Agenda 2030 and the Fabian Society. Folks from these and other Progressive groups are salivating at the opportunity to take the quarantine of all of America several steps above what state and federal governments are currently doing. Since I am already in the camp of fascism, e.g. governments owning private companies I thought I would check out what he was bloviating about.

Once home I searched Event201 and I was surprised what I found out. In essence a group of Agenda 2030 activists meet to war-game different global scenarios to promote Global Government. Lately it is has been how can we advance Global Government by exploiting Climate Change. The Event201 this past October took a different twist in that the group war-gamed on a worldwide pandemic.

Here is a 12-minute video that was shown at the beginning of the event. While watching the video substitute pigs for bats. And listen for key words of the Fabian Society like, Global Businesses working with Global Governments, soliciting the private sector, commun-ication has to be managed e.g. false information enforcement, control the news released to the global community, et cetera.

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We all know that the WHO (World Health Organization) leader, Dr. Tedros Adhanaom Ghebreyesus Director-General is a communist from Ethiopia. We also know that the WHO has done an outstanding job covering up China’s involvement of the Chinese Virus. Here is another video that you all will get a chuckle out of. I wonder what country (s) is paying off WHO to do their bidding. Certainly, other Communist countries like China.

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Let me be clear that I do not think, nor do I accuse WHO or the UN for releasing the Chinese Virus. What I am saying is that they will use this drama to push the world and especially the United States to Agenda 2030, formerly Agenda 21. For kicks and giggles I looked up the WDO (World Development Organization) Vision and Mission Statement and pasted them below.

World Development Organization, Vision and Mission Statement


We strive to create a world where design enhances our economic, social, cultural, and environmental quality of life.

The following videos explain the importance of industrial design in the solutions economy and the voices of designers who stress its contribution.


As the international voice for industrial design, we advocate, promote, and share knowledge of industrial design driven innovation that has the power to create a better world.

We do this by engaging our community in collaborative efforts and by carrying out our international programming—World Design Capital®World Design TalksWorld Design Impact PrizeWorld Industrial Design Day, and Interdesign.

Last part of this equation is fascism. As we all know fascism is defined as

“As an economic system, fascism is socialism with a capitalist veneer. The word derives from fasces, the Roman symbol of collectivism and power: a tied bundle of rods with a protruding ax.”  – The Library of Economic and Liberty

A great example is the airlines bail-out where the NY Times reports,

…The two sides ultimately agreed that the government’s support would be structured as part grant and part loan and the Treasury would also receive warrants to buy stock in the companies.

So now not unlike Germany or Italy during the 1930’s who owned part or all of the businesses. It’s the camel’s nose working its way under the tent.

The purpose for this article is to perk your interest which in turn hopefully you to do your own research and understand that you are being trained to accept authority not unlike the sheep accepts the commands of the shepherd. Also, I encourage all the readers of American Partisan to not be shy, speak up, and spread the message that we are approaching a time when words will cease, and bullets will fly.

Remember, we have a 2 to 3-fold increase Chinese Virus spike heading our way in the fall. “They” will be better prepared to take advantage of the situation then. Stay tuned…

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