My first introduction to Johnny Jacks was in listening to a podcast broken up into parts 1 & 2 where he was being interviewed. He gave a background of his life and military service. His early life was quite a good foundation for his future military service. He grew up living in an “if you don’t work, you don’t eat” lifestyle. He enlisted into the Army and soon became a Special Forces Communications Sergeant on an A-Team with combat service as a Green Beret in Vietnam. He spent nearly all of his career as a Green Beret with deployments all over the world. Needless to say, this guy is legit. He went on to discuss a book he had written called Absolute Anarchy.  After his interview, I purchased it as fast as I could in the form of an e-book online. 

  This book is laid out as a manual with topics ranging from the potential for societal collapse, being self reliant, and basic survival all the way to bugging out, retreat locations and forming up militias.  He even has a section dedicated to practical exercise skills spanning tasks as basic carpentry, making potable water, storing food, raising a garden, meat production and butchering, making cheese & butter, and off-grid power systems.  Not only does he have these skills listed and discussed in the chapters, he links more detailed instructions to the book website online.  I’m sure this was for space saving in the book or otherwise, the book would need its own set of wheels. 

   As I read through the book and locating topics of my interest, I can imagine how Johnny Jacks performed these tasks as a child and as a Special Forces soldier who embedded with local people.  As a Green Beret, they had to live with their guerilla forces so I’m sure he has lived this book before putting pen to paper.  This is the book anyone wishes a Green Beret would write and I highly recommend this manual for anyone’s survival library. 


God Bless America

Holy Serf