When I was burying my Canmunition Ammo Cans (see the latest update here) I also buried a second PVC cache with a standard Baofeng radio. Both caches were buried on May 22nd, 2019 and were dug up a few days ago, making it just over a year since they were buried. Unlike the Canmunition cache – which was dug up at six months to retrieve one of two cans and then reburied – this cache was not removed at any point until the end of the experiment.

It was original disassembled with the batter removed, antenna disconnected, and even the clip and string removed. This was placed into a vacuum sealer bag and was promptly vacuum sealed and placed into the PVC cache alongside 5 desiccant packets. The cache was sealed and buried approximately a foot deep in the ground. This was the bag upon removal.

I removed the radio from the bad and reassembled it. then, I went out on the porch to test it. Not only did the NOAA weather station come in loud and clear, the batter still had three out of three bars on the battery. I will be the first to admit that we had quite a mild winter, so perhaps the results would have been different if we had colder temperatures. But I am very pleased to know this Chinesium radio can handle being buried for a year under the ground and still come out working like a champ.


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