Well now we see two separate government agency’s reporting different Chinese Virus numbers as of this writing.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) reports 65,735 deathsWhile our friends over at the NCHS (National Center for Health Statistics) a statistic arm of the CDC reports only 37,308 Chinese Virus deaths.

The Daily Wire reports this statement from the CDC concerning the discrepancies of Chinese Virus deaths as,

Provisional death counts may not match counts from other sources, such as media reports or numbers from county health departments. Our counts often track 1–2 weeks behind other data for a number of reasons: Death certificates take time to be completed. There are many steps involved in completing and submitting a death certificate. Waiting for test results can create additional delays. States report at different rates. Currently, 63% of all U.S. deaths are reported within 10 days of the date of death, but there is significant variation among jurisdictions. It takes extra time to code COVID-19 deaths. While 80% of deaths are electronically processed and coded by NCHS within minutes, most deaths from COVID-19 must be coded manually, which takes an average of 7 days. Other reporting systems use different definitions or methods for counting deaths.

So, now the numbers game commences. I wonder how many states have inflated the Chinese Virus deaths. I wonder if our government will scrutinize each death certificate to justifying the money given for each victim of the virus.

Sen. Scott Jensen, R-Minn., a physician in Minnesota, has made claims that Medicare patients who are listed as having the Chinese Virus receive 3-times as much if they are on a ventilator as not.

On April 19th, the Senator doubled down and said,

“Hospital administrators might well want to see COVID-19 attached to a discharge summary or a death certificate. Why? Because if it’s a straightforward, garden-variety pneumonia that a person is admitted to the hospital for – if they’re Medicare – typically, the diagnosis-related group lump sum payment would be $5,000. But if it’s COVID-19 pneumonia, then it’s $13,000, and if that COVID-19 pneumonia patient ends up on a ventilator, it goes up to $39,000.”

I am sure no state is gaming the system however, it seems that some states are only reporting Chinese Virus cases if listed on the death certificate as so, while other states are listing presumed cases. Presumed Vs. actual. What is your state doing?

The top three states with the most Chinese Virus deaths are, New York, 23,826, New Jersey 7,742, and Michigan 4,020, respectively. These three states are led by Progressives who have all signed draconian States of Emergency and they are currently lobbying Washington D.C. for bail-out money because they were in the red before this drama started. I wonder if any or all these states use actual Death Certificate (s) or presumed numbers?

Let the falsification game commence.

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