In honor of May Day, I thought I would share this story of a friend and his/her family that live in South Africa.

My good friend in SA (South Africa) and I are pretty much just email paIs. My friend sends me periodic updates and we send them supplies not easily obtainable in SA. Our friend has shared with me through emails and pictures the slow takeover of SA by the communists happening over the past five years or so.

Many of the American Partisan readership know all about the communist takeover of Zimbabwe (Formerly Rhodesia). A country that was rated as one of the richest and most advanced farming countries’ in Africa. They were known as the Breadbasket of Africa. Over a 10-year period white farmers who owned 4,000 farms at one time were reduced to 500 white owned farms by 2010. Most of the farms were taken over through murder, intimidation, and illegal eviction. Many of the farms were transferred to Chinese nationalists by Prime Minister Robert Mugabe. To understand the outcome better, here is an exert from an article titled, How to Kill a Country published by the Atlantic.

The drop-off in agricultural production is staggering. Maize farming, which yielded more than 1.5 million tons annually before 2000, is this year expected to generate just 500,000 tons. Wheat production, which stood at 309,000 tons in 2000, will hover at 27,000 tons this year. Tobacco production, too, which at 265,000 tons accounted for nearly a third of the total foreign-currency earnings in 2000, has tumbled, to about 66,000 tons in 2003.

With the death of Nelson Mandela, the communists have made slow but steady progress and not unlike in Zimbabwe, farms are being overrun by the locals. White farmers and business owners are being murdered, intimidated, and suffer illegal eviction. Of course, the current government of SA does nothing to prosecute the known individuals.

Here is a recent development where Cuba sent 200 folks to SA in a medical aid package. The report I received from my friend was that indeed a plane arrived and indeed there was medical professionals on that plane. All 20 of them -The rest were Cuban soldiers. Here is a short video of the medical aide arrival in SA.

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My friend and his/her extended family in December were forced to leave their homes in the city for their Bug Out Location in the bush. They are working through the laborious process of emigrating from SA for one of the former British Crowns colonies. Armed only with crossbows, a few old Enfield rifles, and some old Browning Hi Power handguns, they have fended off multiple attacks from the locals at night. They have stopped calling the police as their requests for help go unanswered.

South Africa

MrsMac and I send them what we can legally and as often as our pocketbook allows. It is not the cost of the goods but the cost of the shipping that makes the shipments not as frequent as we would like.

With all that is happening around the world and our complacent mainstream media, nobody is hearing about the mass murders and torture of white farmers, business owners, and laborers outside of SA. The Zimbabwe type self-destruction of the SA economy continues. Let us not forget our Brothers and Sisters in South Africa on this years May Day.

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