Over past few weeks I’ve had the blessing of running a classes for some great people. People you’d never know from anyone, on a dirt road you’d never go down, at a dead end with a pack of dogs that would verifiably and easily eat an unwelcome guest.

And that’s the way it should be.

But while I was working with some of our nation’s best I get a notice that our nation’s worst was busy throwing around the ‘domestic terrorist’ label for good people fed up with getting stepped on. Indeed. A label she knows well. I may be a relatively young man amid all of this but I remember the 90s quite well. As yes…Soldier of Fortune, an SKS and shortwave radio. My old Radio Shack CB first on a Honda FourTrax 300 and then in my Jeep. Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Oklahoma City. The media onslaught against the so-called ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ that obviously must be destroyed.

Oh yeah, I remember.

And I also remember at the forefront of the media blitz was none other than esteemed First Lady Hilary Clinton, sparing zero expense to spin the propaganda in her favor. Sure, Bill was there, blue dress and all, but everyone knew who pulled the strings. Fast forward a decade and she finds herself at the helm of the State Department, at home among the agency that would do Alger Hiss proud. Using that position to the fullest, she oversaw the arming of jihadists and the overthrow of legitimate governments, the funding of white helmets framing up phony chemical weapons attacks, and doing her part to funnel as many military age males into Europe to destabilize the place as possible.

So its safe to say she knows a thing or two about armed people storming a capitol to disrupt its proceedings. She’s only done it all across the Middle East by force and bought elections who-knows-where else. Heaven forbid one occur without her blessing. Why…it would be a shame if, for once, a revolution just didn’t happen to go her way.

Flat out, it is the face of evil. But that’s like saying water is wet.

Here’s the important thing. The same people who propped up Clinton in the 90s are the ones putting words in her mouth today. And whatever the public persona is spitting out is going to be the public talking point moving forward. To these ‘people’, the folks in fly-over states or not in the halls of power are irrelevant. Relics of the antiquated ideas of property, liberty and the Lord, standing in the way of progress. For them we’re an apostate to the religion of Reason, with its chief prophets Hegel and Marx. I guess antifa storming state capitols and burning the flag doesn’t count, nor does threats for them to burn our once-great cities to the ground. Perhaps its the criminals they’ve deemed ‘non-violent’ only to run wild in the streets, or even better, feed off their propaganda.

The modern Democrat finds itself painted into a corner. The candidate they’re running is an invalid- they have nothing to run on, so everything to run against. He’s vanished from the cameras for a bit so they can calibrate the correct dosages and hope the sexual assault story goes away. And everyone who even looks like a threat at face value- whatever they spin it to be- is the total embodiment of the very thing they’re attempting to rally their loose coalition of race baiters, misfits, community organizers, and any other degenerate not fit for life in a sane world. There’s a changing of the guard occurring and if you thought America was on the wrong track before, just you wait till the AOC crowd takes complete hold. Decades of ‘anti-imperialist’ conditioning is going to manifest into reality. And no matter how many ‘protests’ get ‘organized’, without action there ain’t gonna be much. They’ll win power eventually. And then what? How many times are you gonna kick the can?

The argument has been framed to label you and I ‘domestic terrorists’. Hey that’s fine, Michelle Obama already said returning war vets were the biggest threat to the nation, so I suppose its a natural progression for guys like me. There is no such legal definition of terrorism alone, by the way, left open ended to apply carte blanche to anyone and everyone deemed an enemy of the state. With the absolute joke that is the Bill of Rights in light of the abuses uncovered in the past four years (as if you needed confirmation, but I suppose the normies did) the tools of the state will be leveraged in full and, let’s be honest, already has. If they’ll destroy a man like General Flynn today what’ll they do to you? So they don’t have power today- their bureaucracy does- and the statement by our resident embodiment of evil is the same as it was back in the 90s.

They don’t just want you gone, they want you dead. And the ‘law’ doesn’t apply to those who claim to make it.

Keep using the term. It might just fit.