Two Americans with SOF backgrounds, Luke Denman and Airan Berry, are among the former Venezuelan soldiers-turned-guerrillas plotting a coup against Socialist President Nicolas Maduro. From UK Daily Mail, they were arrested along with their boat team as they made their way ashore.

Its not clear at the moment what got them made, although it was likely a snitch that compromised their contact ashore. But what is clear is that this one is being exploited to its fullest by the Maduro regime and by proxy, the American media.

Looking over their gear, they didn’t seem to have much in the way of long term equipment, only tactical level kit.

Why they have AR pistol braces is beyond me.

Marine band VHF radio, Icom and Motorola digital radios, likely P25, and Garmin GPS units.

What I would expect, looking over their kit, is that they were linking up with a contact ashore who had already been compromised. Either way, the plan to move in the harbor would have been dicey at best for anyone with more than two brain cells on its face. Why they didn’t move in from the mountains of west Venezuela is anyone’s guess. Speaking on their behalf, the operation’s organizer, Ex-Green Beret Jordan Goudreau, stated:

‘They were running dangerously low on fuel,’ Goudreau said. ‘If they had gone onto landfall, they would have gone to a safe house.’

Goudreau said the two were waiting for a boat on the Caribbean island of Aruba with emergency fuel to help extract them.

But from there the whole thing gets muddy:

An AP investigation published Friday found that Goudreau had been working with a retired Venezuelan army general — who now faces U.S. narcotics charges — to train dozens of deserters from Venezuela’s security forces at secret camps inside neighboring Colombia. The goal was to mount a cross-border raid that would end in Maduro’s arrest.

Its no secret that several firms have been seeking to coordinate deserters and disaffected Venezuelan troops who’d fled to eastern Colombia since last year’s failed coup. But why anyone would touch this General who apparently is no friend of the US is a serious question as well. Perhaps he was the best networked, but in partnering with him they’d compromise potential support from within the US government itself. And lacking that overhead cover, the chances of success get a lot lower.

There’s a number of billionares supporting removal of the Maduro regime, including Roen Kraft and Richard Branson, both providing substantial financial aid with the latter organizing a Live Aid concert series in Colombia in support of President-in-Exile Juan Guido. Without a doubt, this blunder is a major setback for chances at a coup, compromising the networks that have taken a substantial amount of time to build. Any successes they may have hoped for are set back substantially if not wiped out completely for the time being- the support network, especially around Caracas, is learning why if you’re going to play revolution, you better not fail.

“…send lawyers guns and money, I’m in a little jam…”