TX2Guns over at The Tactical Hermit shared this piece, originally written by legend John Farnam, and one that points out exactly the hypocrisy that is the Left. But then again, water is wet and fire is hot. If being an American Patriot, knowing limited government and laissez-faire economics work, not wanting to ‘spread my wealth around’ to those who haven’t earned it, and questioning the motives of these ‘community organizers’ they keep ramming down our throats makes me Far Right, then so be it. The Left always has to lie about its true motives. A strong Nation never does. -NCS

Via John Farnham at DTI

Far Right?

A University of Connecticut senior who is accused of murdering two men (with a gun), injuring another, and kidnaping a woman, during two separate attacks last Sunday (then fleeing in a stolen car), is a well-known far-left ideologue who espouses revocation of our Second Amendment.

He wrote in a 2018 post:

“School shootings are an epidemic plaguing this great country we live in. It is sad to think that any child should have to feel unsafe in school.”

I think such political leanings are relevant to any news report on the event, since this violent criminal suspect obviously wants all-embracing gun-bans applied to everyone except himself (much like all Democrats).

Yet, this aspect of the story has remained unreported, across-the-board. Only the NY Post let it briefly slip-out!

Of course, if this suspect had been an NRA member, Trump supporter, or any kind of advocate for conservative causes, the hypocritical media would be self-righteously shouting it from the rooftops!

But, because he is one of them, they hide facts they wish were not true.

I am confused as to why those of us seeking protection for our Second Amendment Rights are routinely referred to as “far-right fanatics” by Democrats and their ever-obedient mouthpieces in the media.

Simultaneously, Democrats who openly advocate for immediate banning and forced confiscation of all legally-owned firearms from innocent American citizens are not called “Communists,” nor “far-left fanatics,” but rather, “moderates”

Nor are Democrat governors and mayors, arrogantly wielding extra-Constitutional powers, while ever-demanding special privileges for themselves, ever called “far-left”

JFK, if he were alive today, would be called a “far-right fanatic” by modern Democrats and their media lackeys!

“Scientific/technological advancement, economic self-determination, capitalism, and all manifestations of economic progress are now denigrated as examples of selfishness. We’re told that Communism and individual enslavement are the only solutions to our great national sin of individual freedom.

Even personal filth is now back in style!”

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