During this whole Floyd drama, I kept seeing images of capitulation from many Americans, Civilians, police, and military alike. As I viewed these images, I kept thinking, “why are people kneeling to evil?” In this case BLM and AntiFa. Heck, the evil has even commented that they do not want the jester.

Here are some examples,

(Photo by Eva Marie UZCATEGUI / AFP)


(Photo by Shmuel Thaler)


(Photo Reddit)

Or one of my favorites is this short video of National Guard performing for the evil. Your tax dollars at work.

Did George Floyd deserve the treatment he received by the Minneapolis police officers involved in his arrest? No, he did not. However, he was no saint either. Here is his arrest record,

The Minneapolis Police responded to a call from a Cup Foods deli because Floyd allegedly tried to pass a $20.00 counterfeit bill. According to his autopsy report, which you can read here , the toxicology report shows he was on several illegal drugs at the time of the arrest. Again, not a reason to murder a man however, should he share some responsibility in his own death.

My point being, he was no angel by any means. With that written, none of us are void of sin either. Certainly not I.

I leave you with this 16-second video. – Enjoy

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