With AntiFa becoming a more pronounced presence in the media the American Partisan readership is eating up all the information we can gather and share. The click-through count has skyrocketed with the posting of numerous articles on this subject over the past two weeks. Consequently, today, I am sharing with you another part of the AntiFa puzzle titled The Real History of AntiFa by Kyle Shideler over at the American Mind.

NC Scout shared it late yesterday with the senior staff here at American Partisan and since he is traveling today, I wanted to get it out to you to read and ponder.

The next thing we have to gather more information on is BLM (Black Lives Matter). Here is a great monologue from June 8, 2020 Tucker Carlson program over at Fox News.

There is an obvious connection between AntiFa and BLM as they worked hand in hand during the most resent Floyd drama. And what we saw is just the beginning of Americas version of the Arab Spring now coined, the American Summer. It will be a ‘frosty’ next twelve-months for sure.

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