First, I think taking over 6-square blocks in the Capital Hill district of Seattle, is “much ado about nothing” to quote Shakespeare. If you disagree, please delete, and move on. To understand read, ponder, and comment.

Yesterday I spent half the morning chatting via email to a whole host of friends around the country. They were all outraged with what is going on in Seattle. I responded to each individually with the following information.

MrsMac and I lived in the Seattle surrounding area from 1980 to ’87. Then a stint of four years in Los Angeles only to return to Seattle for an additional four years. Looking back neither of us would trade those eleven years for anything. With that written we have not been back to the area since 2005.

Seattle is located in King county with a population of 2,233,163 (2019 census). North of this county is Snohomish county with a population of 814,901 and due south is Pierce county with a population of 811.299. Total population of these three Progressive counties is 3,939,363 residents. With the state of Washington having a total population of 7,614,893 residents (Again 2019 census), these three counties make up 52% of the state’s population. Hence, the Progressives run the state.

Starting in the mid 1980’s folks in California, typically west of the I-5 corridor along the Pacific coast, started to migrate north to the Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington area. Real estate in western California was hard to find so the old law of ‘supply and demand’ took over which drove real estate values through the roof. During that period the Rodney King beating happened in 1991 followed by the riots in 1992 post the non guilty verdict of the accused police officers – People were selling their homes as fast as they could and moving north.

People sold their home for $X and then bought a home for one quarter the price in the previously mentioned Washington counties. Once people had moved there, they purchased other houses for investment with their left over California home sale proceeds. Then invited friends and family to join them to see how beautiful the Pacific Northwest (PNW) was. A normal house in let us say the Ballard district that was going for $150,000 in 1990 rose to $500,000 by 2000.

When MrsMac and I moved there in 1980, Seattle and surrounding counties were ‘blue dog democrat’ – Scoop Jackson country. Blue collar, liberal in many ways, yet fiscally conservative. With the immigration from more Progressive California, this slowly change starting in the mid to late 1990’s. The Californians were slowing taking over local political seats and the slow but inevitable Californication of the three aforementioned counties began and continues.

Capital Hill, when we lived there was the ‘Haight-Ashbury’ of the PNW. It is located just east of center city, south of the University of Washington, and West of Seattle University. It naturally became an enclave of artsy-fartsy stores, restaurants, and night clubs to meet the demand of its more Progressive young clientele.

Over a period, this area also became the unofficial capital of the male gay movement for the PNW. When my in-laws from Pennsylvania visited, we always had to spend part of a day in Capital Hill to see all the weirdo’s and freaks, along with shopping in the eclectic shops. It was like going to the side-show of a circus. That was during our two deployments there and remember, we left the Seattle area in 1995-ish for the east coast. Adding a Progressive-Communist mayor and a Progressive out of touch governor to the mix, I can only imagine the Sodom and Gomorrah of today.

Continuing to look at Capital Hill, there was always something going on there. From gay pride parades, men walking around with just leather chaps on to women walking around with 100% see through moo-moos. The streets were often shut down for whatever protest du jour of the day. I could go on and on. So, 6-blocks being taken over by AntiFa, BLM, or John Brown Gun Club is truly a yawner to me and I am sure most of Seattle. To be honest, it does not support the media hype it is receiving today. Locally, I am sure it is just a ‘dog bites man’ versus… a ‘man bites dog’ story.

With that all laid out I am in support of Mayor Durkin to just leave them alone. We give the occupation, now called CHAZ (Capital Hill Autonomous Zone) zero news coverage and they will go away. Mr. Trump…Mr. Barr, it is “much ado about nothing.”

The businesses and folks that live there know this story all too well – They are part of the ‘scene Man’. If not the case, they would have moved decades ago.

Some of my friends point out Malhurn refuge siege or the Bundy Ranch drama where the Federal alphabet soups jumped in; However, as I have already outlined the CHAZ drama is different.

Malhurn refuge siege happened on Federal land. This meant the FBI/BATFE could react to the drama. The Fed’s operate under different rules than a municipality. PLUS, this happened under the Obama dynasty.

Bundy Ranch drama similarly happened against Federal BLM agents (Bureau of Land Management not Black Lives Matter) who were obstructed during their duties. By the way, every person involved in that drama who pointed a weapon at a BLM agent was eventually tracked down and prosecuted. Like the Malhurn refuge drama, this was a Federal not a state or city issue and it happened again under the Obama dynasty.

In closing, (insert pronoun here) Federal Authorities, stay away from this drama in CHAZGHANISTAN. Let the city and state deal with it and the media will move on to a different drama to blame Trump on.

Freedom Through Self-Reliance®