The Left learned during the French Revolution that overtly attacking the Church was a major detriment to long term success; indeed, desecrating the altar of Notre Dame and renaming it the “Temple of Reason” would cost them much in the years following. A better plan would be to corrupt it from the inside. And the ‘peace and love’ watered down Christianity is the result. -NCS

Sunday I became furious while watching televised, Covid-shut in church services. In this time of greatest national distress we seek comfort, we seek strength, we seek the strength of God Almighty, for these are the things that nourish the soul.
But today the food offered for my soul went bitter in my mouth, and this ‘stuff’ I could not swallow.
As the minister expounded his guidance of how to bring the Word of God to invigorate our daily lives, the compass needle soon drifted to the Sin Most Vile, and ‘original’ at that  – racism.
Not a word about dehumanizing and uncalled for acts towards our fellow man, no – far too benign, that. No, the sermon was a  lengthy thesis concerning white privilege, white racism, white profit, white greed, all the many advantages about simply not having darker skin, and the most insidious of all – “maleducation.”
No context did he offer – never a historical or global context. As a matter of interest it’s useful to research just which nations actually are xenophobic and racist; the US is nowhere near the top.

No mention that Arabs took far, far more slaves then ever came to the New World. No mention of black presidents, hundred-million dollar athletes, billion dollar talk show hosts, and huge imbalances in racial homicide rates and interracial crimes. No, only whites are capable of racism, unique among all the Earth’s peoples. No, racial issues have not advanced one bit in the last 100 years according to his sermon.

But of course, it doesn’t have to make sense. Or be true.
 I hoped for more from the Church, it was only hope, and given the events and near-total capitulation of companies, corporations, groups and individuals this week, it was unfortunately not a real surprise. Though some have likely capitulated to avoid intimidation and blackmail, this ‘minister’ had the look of the True Believer, at least in Social Justice Uber Alles.
As his homily progressed the angrier I became, because of his framing of the issue and the techniques used; basically a sophisticated guilt-inculcating psychological process designed to demoralize, demonize and degrade. The ‘spiritual’ home work is this: set time aside to carefully reflect on how you have received unwarranted privilege. Reflect on how the pain of others not having your privlege. Then bask in the agony of the pain. Remember – any joke told decades ago. ANY microaggression. ANY and ALL thoughts that you are part of a group in any way better than any other group.
And the most insidious: all the above at an unconscious level. That’s when I lost it.
The intelligence that came up with this is tremendous. In a way I even envy it, it’s so cunning.
The danger is accepting the presupposition, e.g. “I never thought of it, but I must have unconscious racist thoughts and attitudes. I can’t hear, see, feel or sense them, but they must be there, so I must find them.”
The follow on: ” Racism, is the Ultimate Sin, therefore I unknowingly might be guilty of the Ultimate Sin, and I DON”T  WANT THAT. In fact I will do anything to absolve myself of this most horrible, dirty, wretched Sin.”
How shall I do this, I don’t know how; so I shall seek guidance.”
From whom? “Experts’ in the field, e.g. professors, BLM members, all the “hate America” organizations….and certain churches.”
And so is born “privileged’ children hating parents. Guilty soccer moms defriending their neighbors. Millions and millions in donations to Marxist causes.
And most sickenenly of all, kneeling and literally grovelling while begging forgiveness like abused animals at the feet of their new overlords.
If this is church, what do we need it for? When the church becomes a transmission vehicle for the Secular Gospel for Social Justice, and redefines Original Sin as racism, and gives the only possibility of salvation as a lifetime of servitude and self-abnegation, what do we need it for?
Post Script: If ever there was a time for accurate, honest appraisal (and I do mean ‘honest” – of all things historical and racial on every side and from every group that time is now. But even more needed is a casting away of insipid, poison to the soul “spirituality” that offers a wrapping paper for cultural Marxism.
Strong Christianity with muscles and a backbone –  come back.
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