I just learned that former President Obama is going to address the nation this evening via a town hall here.

Since the DOJ probe is getting close to figuring that the past resident of White House was behind the General Flynn unmasking and then prosecution by the FBI, I am sure some folks are getting nervous. What better way to play “don’t pay notice to the man behind the curtain” then to throw some sand in the cogs of the current resident of the White House.

If I didn’t have one meeting and two nets to attend around this time, I would attend.

Let’s take a quick minute to review this year so far,

  • President Trump impeached but not removed from office
    • The main stream media ate it up.
  • The gift that keeps on giving from China arrived at our shores.
    • We need you to stay home and all nonessential businesses to close just to ‘flatten’ the curve. How many weeks has this been – Ten plus?
    • You should not wear a mask. Oh wait…Yes you must wear a mask or as I call it a giyār.
    • The main stream media continues to promote fear and not focus on the small businesses that are going TU (Tummy Up) or that only 1% of the population under 60-years old that get the Chinese virus dies – 2% of all Americans.
  • George Floyd is murdered in Minneapolis via a police officer.
    • Protests turn into riots. Cities must pay via stolen televisions for the Floyd murder.
    • Many rioters seem to be arriving from out of cities and worse, out of state. Who is financing them? China, deep state, Russia, Soros? Who knows but we do know that there are lawyers ready to storm the booking police stations with money for bail. We know that many of these folks are being housed in hotels around these burning cities and communities.
    • The organization/logistics are good. Pre-positioned; bricks, water bottles, bottles full of gas, containers of milk for tear gassed ‘freedom fighters’, ANTIFA types on bicycles to relay information between groups of rioters, etc.
    • Widening the already racial canyon between black and white.
    • The main stream media calling rioters protesters. Pushing wrong information like, Trump was taken into the bunker, the protesters in Lafayette Park were forced out of the park with tear gas with no warning to leave the park by curfew, etc.

Now we have Obama raising his head to throw his own bricks at Trump and you – The Bible thumping, gun toting deplorables.

What is next I ask you? It is coming for sure, to work on Trump supporters sitting on the fence the first Tuesday of November? I can hear people saying, “I want all this unrest to stop” and vote for the mentally deficient Biden or not vote at all. Just like when state.gov says, “get on the bus folks…It’s for your own good.”

I suspect that the fear of what is going to be uncovered by the DOJ is creating a serious panic in the swamp. Obama is being pulled out of retirement as the ‘last great white hope’. Enjoy the broadcast folks

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