Western Rifle Shooters Association has been taken offline by WordPress. I have been in contact with Concerned American, and he says it was for optics by the hosting company. A violation of the ‘terms of service‘.

Here’s the thing.

WRSA was always a freeware site- anything “.wordpress.com” is owned by WordPress, not the registrant. So if they own it, they determine the terms. Period. It’s another type of social media, albeit a more in-depth version. And if you think social media is your friend, even the so-called “pro-free speech” platforms, I can tell you for a fact they’re run by people not on your side. I know for some this is a hard concept to wrap your mind around, normally because social media is an opiate, but none of them are your friend. So don’t get mad when they do what they’re going to do.

American Partisan is SELF OWNED. Not only that, we own the server space we inhabit. We’ve weathered attacks from nation states (China and Russia) and individuals. We’ve faced down the Left and having all your assets being run 100% in-house is a tall task. We’ve had to learn as we went, but learn we have.

We’re in a fight, we’ve been in a fight since 1 MAY 2018 when we went live. That’s right, May Day. Taking the Commie Holiday and ramming it down their throats. Just like Radio Contra. Self owned, self created, working on our terms. It might be a pain in the ass, and it damn sure is for me, but its worth it. The hard things are the ones worth doing.

Pro-freedom, pro-Liberty, anti-bullshit. And if you ain’t into that, we don’t give a damn.

We have ads and affiliates. This takes money and a lot of it to pull off. We have well-known affiliations with Palmetto State Armory, Aero Precision, Primary Arms, Rainier Arms, ReadyWise Foods and Ranger Up, but others too. We’ve got advertisers like UW Gear, Ammo.com and Ready Made Resources. When you support them, you support us.

And last, if you’ve trained with me you know I preach a fundamental small unit truth- the PACE plan. And never think I make a move without a plan. If they come after us, well, we’ve got something for that too.

The nation and its founding principles are under attack by a well coordinated communist machine. Everything else failed so they’re pushing the Samson option to bring the whole thing down. What are you doing?

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