In the run up to the 2016 election, one of the greatest places to make a daily interwebs stop to was It had some of the greatest memes come out of it, and the magic place helped meme Donald Trump into the Presidency. That certainly did not please the top brass and admins/moderators at Reddit, so they instantly became a target. For anyone on the internet, I think we knew that this was going to happen eventually. The subreddit kept up such momentum after the 2016 election of Donald Trump that Reddit started making rules specifically to counter the community under various guises of “preventing harassment” or “stopping post and vote manipulation”. This led to the site having a reduce presence on the Front Page (which eventually disappeared altogether) and then becoming Quarantined (before it was cool – what hipsters). The subreddit has been silent for about three months now since the users migrated over to – a fact that makes this ban highly interesting since any infringing actions have not been occurring there for quite some time. They probably saw all the ad revenue dry up and decided to try and get some great free press in the new Woke Olympics brought on by George Floyd’s death and subsequent unhinging of society.

All of this was announced, along with some new clarifications of their rules, in a post today by the Cuck-In-Chief Spez. However, a few more clicks brings up a much bring issue than just the obvious election meddling before November. That is certainly suspect, since China’s own Tencent gave a $150 million investment to Reddit in February 2019. They state in the post that Rule One is:

  • Rule 1 explicitly states that communities and users that promote hate based on identity or vulnerability will be banned.
    • There is an expanded definition of what constitutes a violation of this rule, along with specific examples, in our Help Center article.

Boy, doesn’t that sound just GREAT! Well, perhaps it does, before you read the description in their Help Center article (emphasis in bold added by me).

Rule 1: Remember the human. Reddit is a place for creating community and belonging, not for attacking marginalized or vulnerable groups of people. Everyone has a right to use Reddit free of harassment, bullying, and threats of violence. Communities and people that incite violence or that promote hate based on identity or vulnerability will be banned.

Marginalized or vulnerable groups include, but are not limited to, groups based on their actual and perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or disability. These include victims of a major violent event and their families.

While the rule on hate protects such groups, it does not protect all groups or all forms of identity. For example, the rule does not protect groups of people who are in the majority or who promote such attacks of hate.

Hold up. In paragraph one, it says that “everyone has a right to use Reddit free of harassment, bullying, and threats of violence”. But, in paragraph three, it says that “the rule does not protect groups of people who are in the majority”. So are the people in the majority not included under “everyone”? Also, what the fuck is “the majority”? Reddit is a site used around the world by lots of people. Are we talking about the majority of people in America? I guess that means Whites and Women are not protected groups (since, according to the 2010 Census, women make up 50.8% of the population). Are we talking about the world in general? Looks like we can make fun of the Han Chinese, since they are reported to be the largest ethnic group. Sorry Tencent!

But, we all know what they are talking about. One of the largest social media sites in the world just said that it is okay to spew hate speech against white people. They have officially condoned hate of an entire population of people. Where have I seen that before? Hmmmmm….. The top comments on the post are all calling out Reddit for their hypocrisy and the sheer idiocy of how the policy is worded, which is nice to see. But this is why we here at American Partisan are proud to be self owned. We cannot be deplatformed. We exist on our own space, and we exist because a fight is coming. If you thought that this was going to get better and not worse, wake the fuck up. It isn’t.

Get training, because now people can be even more explicit with their hate. From there, it isn’t much of a leap to widespread violence.