Reducing your exposure puts all the onus on you. That’s bassackwards (sic). You’re infected? You reduce your exposure by staying your ass at home. We catch you outside without proof of being virus-free? The term for that lockdown is prison. Let’s start at 1 year the first offense, and double for each subsequent one. I could give a f*** about anyone feeding their kids or running their business as an excuse. Gang bangers have kids and businesses too and we still run their asses into prison. You’re healthy , and can prove it, because you’ve been tested? You’re a free citizen…Anybody against that is against common sense going back centuries, and the Bill of Rights is not in conflict with it either.”


Ladies and gentlemen, I present the people who are going to ‘restore America.’ No, this isn’t some op-ed from CNN or a segment on the View, though they would undoubtedly agree with the author. It’s from your side, the conservative/libertarian one. I will not give credit to the author simply because this is not about him, and he’s beneath mentioning on a site such as this. Quite honestly the only thing that is worth saying about the above word salad is 1) do not take uneducated laypeople’s opinions on Jacobson v. Massachusetts (any legal theory for that matter) seriously, or at least as serious as you would take your postman’s opinions on how to perform heart surgery and 2) be aware that people like this exist and have a plan to deal with them.

For several years I have marveled at the way Buckley conservatism has contorted itself to fit into some sort of principled framework as it continues to get pulled further and further leftward. While the left has long had an unchanging goal and framework, conservatism seems to have continuously morphed. In no small part is this due to the fact it is a negative identity. Conservatism is for nothing. It identifies itself exclusively in contraposition to liberalism. While I’ve written and thought quite a bit about the philosophical issues of conservatism, the comment above made me think about the people of conservatism. Not your rank and file, but the voices of the right wing and the type of people the current iteration of conservatism attracts as leaders.

The most apropos, family-friendly term for the people feeding you the lie of modern conservatism is the nothing men. The delusion of a constantly shifting paradigm is possibly only through self-selection of a specific type of individual. People unattached, unanchored in their lives. Conservatism requires the most ardent proponents to have no connection to anything other than their respective relationship to conservatism. No connection to family, no connection to any culture, and certainly no connection to a people group. Tradition is an anchor point something relatively unchanging in the span of a lifetime, a culture and way of living to be passed down. It doesn’t change in 50 years. Family makes men go to war, make a million little sacrifices and inconveniences every day and take all manner of risks to provide a better existence for their loved ones. It does not prompt men to welcome a demographic invasion and live to hear the call to prayer in their home country. One has to wonder at that point, what is exactly is the conservative answer to the point of existence? To accumulate economic units and maximize the number of days your existence lasts? Suddenly, the above comment begins to come into focus. The prime directive of the nothing men is entirely introspective and narcissistic in nature. Look at the politics of conservatism for the last three decades. Focused internally, at the expense of anyone and anything else. Making deals with a sworn enemy and rising threat to get your crap a couple cents cheaper? Done. Exporting your agriculture and industry south just to pad those quarterly earnings, whether it destroys the Midwest and creates a strategic weakness for future generations? No problemo, the 401k is looking solid, Fredo. Unchecked immigration from the third world, and amnesty from your hero Ronaldus Magnus? I like my tomatoes cheap, kiddo.

I look at the comment above and know why conservatism is dying. If the right is now ‘do what my betters say or I’ll kill you and make your kids destitute’ then not only is it an ideology that offers no answers except a yearning for the past, it ceases to exist as a meaningful word. Conservatism becomes nothing, the left by another name. Then again, it has always operated as a stalking horse for the leftists and a safety valve to prevent any meaningful momentum of right wing ideas.

The far right has seen a similar, quicker glut of people who trot out the talking points of the 1980’s left as ‘right wing’ and confuse vulgarity with wit. The left often gets excoriated for ‘eating their own’ and is amusing as it is to watch an acolyte of Che go down in flames, it serves a valuable function. People who cannot self-police within that ideology are shown the door. Arguments about purity spirals fall pretty flat when you look at the results the left has had by maintaining a consistent direction with well-defined objectives.  If conservatives or the hard right was concerned with winning, you need to ask why has there been no effort to? Reasonable discussion between reasonable men is one thing, suffering fools is quite another.

This week has been the anarchy the ‘anarcho-capitalists’ have longed for. Don’t you love it? Isn’t this a great way to live as rugged individualists…whilst other people organized into bands of ethnic or cultural allies beat you to death? Now is a time to figure out on a small scale who is willing to take even a small amount of personal risk for their people and their family. The left does not respect conservatives and most of the hard right because they are not afraid of them. Others and myself don’t either. The politicians cower and mew in the face of conflict, as the right does NOTHING. Rather, they would throw you in jail for some perceived biological problem than defend civilization from people burning things down. They are cowards, not worthy of calling themselves men. It might be a different story if the right could say ‘look what we’ve done to the miscreants and worthless on our side…imagine what we will do to you.’ An ER doc at a carbine class (you know who you are wild man) reminded me that every system is perfectly designed to achieve the results you are getting. So the real question is, are you happy with the results you are getting or is a change in order. A whole lot more people hate you than just the left, what are you going to do about it? How many more nights like this are you willing to take? They are going to do what they want, and you are going to do what they say…prove me wrong.

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