It is interesting that these riots are happening in Progressive lead cities. It is also interesting that these rioters as yet, are not rioting in suburbia or rural America. Why? Maybe because of optics. What would happen if the optics ended?

Many of us were Boy or Girl scouts where we first learned about the Fire Triangle. We learned that fire needs three elements to happen – Oxygen, heat, and fuel. If combined in the right ratio we have combustion AKA fire. Eliminate one element and you lack combustion. Let’s take a minute to draw a correlation between your scouts camp fire and these riots.

The riot triangle;

Oxygen: Wall to wall main stream Media coverage

Heat: Progressive lead cities and states

Fuel: Soros financed ANTIFA

We are hearing and watching 24/7 the media reporting on the (rioters) protesters. Stop the wall to wall coverage! I suggest, you turn off your televisions and do something useful. Tend your garden. Practice with your primary and secondary. Read passages from your Bible. Et cetera…

The Progressive leaders of these states and cities will be the riskiest to override using Federal forces; However, the Feds can defend federal property with lethal force.

It would surprise me if one or two of the state/federal alphabet agencies do not know the leaders of the ANTIFA and the money men who support them. Stop the money and arrest the leaders.

If these brush fires are not put out today, they will spread to the suburbs and then rural America. Rural America that supplies most of our food.

Stay Tuned…

Freedom Through Self-Reliance®