In the fall of 2010, my brother, two friends who were framers during the summer and ski instructors in the winter, and myself built our 1,500-sf log cabin now known as Kookish Kabin. Caught up in the mass layoffs of the early Obama administration I found myself up at the cabin installing plumbing -those early cold morning walks to the ‘necessary’ had gotten old – Routing wall sockets rectangles into the log walls for future electric outlets, painting, et cetra, my entertainment after the Aladdin lamps had been lit was listening to our Sirius radio and reading.

Our internet was a Verizon ‘hot spot’ that cost $30.00 a month which produced less than 1-Mpbs we used to send and receive emails, catch up on, and on good nights stream a movie or old TV show. With nothing to read I put out a call for book suggestions. I received two in PDF format and to this day read each one yearly. The first was John Ross’s novel, Unintended Consequences. The other was David Crawford’s Lights Out.

Today I will write about Ross’s novel and in a future post I will write to Crawford’s novel.

In my mind’s eye John Ross’s novel was an incredible eye-opening read. The story could fit into the 1990’s as well as 2020 like Matt Bracken’s trilogy Enemy’s Foreign and Domestic – Both authors are timeless.

Although the plotline is very good and a page turner, the best part of the book is the well documented history of the continued criminalization of gun ownership in the United States. That alone is worth your time to download and read.

Except for one paragraph that the FBI requested Ross change before the second edition came out, it is all intact. In Canada, the sale of the book is banned along with many other countries. Once you read it you will understand why. This is why first editions are going for as high as $499.00 in the United States.

Please copy this book to your computer as it will probably disappear in the not so near future.

Download PDF Here

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