I am not much of an amateur radio contest guy however, I participate each year in four,

I use these four contests to hone my radio skills and to make sure my equipment is up to par.

One of the nice things about the 13 Colonies contest is it is over a seven-day period. This allows me to participate in the contest as my schedule allows. I also typically do this contest at different locations around Pennsylvania using my Yaesu FT-817nd 5-watt transceiver starting July first. This year, I will be using an EF-Quad Par end fed antenna purchased from Vibroplex which I will do a review on later in July. I am not a fan of end fed antennas however, I have read and heard good reports that this QRP is the ‘cat’s meow’. We will see.

With that all written, if you do not do several contests a year you are not practicing. Your radio equipment is just taking up space in your preparedness closest, which will prove to be worthless when you need it for real.

Give a ‘shout out’ in the comment section if you plan on participating this year. Then come back to this article and post a jpeg of your 13 Colonies certification when you receive it.

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