Here’s an email I received from a friend and several-time course alumni. Ammo is getting short, and expensive where you find it. I didn’t tell you to buy ammo because it was a fun catchphrase. It’s because the hurricane is on its way. -NCS

This email is to bring home the increase in ammo prices in the last 5 months.

Ammo: Wolf Gold .223 55g FMJ 1000 rounds

Supplier : SGAmmo

February price ( Ammo, Shipping, Tax ) $292.83

July 22nd price ( Ammo, Shipping, Tax ) $499.85

Difference : $207.02

They had 8 in stock, and limit of one per customer.

Something to think about. What will the price be next month ? Providing you can get it.

NCS: Domestic brands (and calibers) of ammo are getting tough to get. I have no doubt that its due to two primary factors: panic buying and the ripple of the Chinese Virus on the manufacturing end of ammo. We saw this with the implied food shortages also, as the manufacturing sector forced shutdowns and reduced capacity to protect the labor force.

What is interesting is that 7.62×39 has remained in relative constant supply and cost, for now at least. Back in 2008 when times were similar, is shot up to nearly $400 a case and stayed there for a couple of years. But as I’ve said, this situation looks much worse compared to then, with only one side implying violence.

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