I have been so busy of late that I have not been keeping an eye on precious metals (PM). PM’s are a great indicator of how the global economy is fairing. Well in the last twenty-three days gold has gone from $1,770- an ounce to $1,871- an ounce. That is a 5.7% increase within twenty-three days. Gold bounced between $1,800 to $1,810 most of the month then on July 20th it went sharply up. Why?

Silver has seen a similar increase during July. It has gone from $18- an ounce to $22.65 an ounce – A 25.8% increase. Silver prices bounced around $18- to $19.50 then on or about July 20th it jumped over the $20- ceiling. Why?

What happened on or around July 20th that drove up PM prices globally? My best guess is the United States telling the Chinese to  “cease all operations and events” at its consulate in Houston, Texas. Then you have 72-hours to move out. This closing was made public on July 21st and was underlined by the fire that broke out at the consulate Tuesday evening. It is believed that the fire started because records were being burned in the courtyard ala a scene from the storming of the United States Embassy In Tehran, Iran 1978.

To add to this drama, China has just told the United States that they are not leaving their consulate in Houston. Should be interesting to watch how this drama metastases.

If you did not think that the CCP virus was enough drama then the rioting by AntiFa and BLM started. Now we have an escalation of tensions between China and the United States. Things are going into the crapper and I can only assure you there is more coming leading up to November 3rd of this year.

Bottom-line, you have no control over these and future events. What you do have control over is getting your family ready.

Understand these jumps in the PM’s is a clear warning to all of us to,

  • Take inventory of food, medicines, and bullets on hand. Buy if appropriate
  • Take out of storage that HF transceiver you bought years ago and learn how to use it
  • Stock up on batteries. Maybe buy a deep cycle marine battery and smart charger for that transceiver. Maybe now is the time to buy that solar system you have been eyeing
  • Now is the time to have that chimney cleaned or wood stove installed
  • Fuel for the winter whether it be propane, pellets, firewood, kerosene, etc. needs to be bought now before others get the bug to do so
  • Taking some training from qualified folks
  • Maybe reread Patriots by James Rawles or Deep Winter by Thomas Sherry
  • It is time to dust off that bible and get reacquainted with the Lord

I have left out a bunch of things you should be focused on getting ready for what ever drama is coming next. It is not my job to build that list. Only to point out it is time to get off the fence and get started.

Freedom Through Self-Reliance